Jennifer Lopez presents her new business venture wearing the ponytail that takes ten years off at once

Jennifer Lopez Not only is she one of the most famous women, recognized for her artistic facet, but in the business world the ‘Bronx diva’ continues to grow. Her latest adventure in the business world is The House of Delola LLC, which offers craft cocktails with natural ingredients, gluten-free and with fewer calories, as the artist herself explains it in the promotional video she has shared on Instagram.

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For this release, the singer appears in this promotional ‘teaser’ with a perfect set consisting of a knotted blouse in a white ‘crop top’ version with tight high-waisted shorts yellow and with subtle white lines, as well as a yellow manicure, and gold accessories (such as earrings and bracelets).

Matilda Djerf posing for her clothing brand.

Thanks to this look, as well as the chosen hairstyle, Jennifer Lopez looks very youthful. But, what is the secret of this collection? The singer has chosen a high ponytail with a lifting effect that it is capable of subtracting up to ten years at once, and we are not saying it, but rather it is something that experts have already confirmed on numerous occasions.

This ponytail has a visual effect of subtracting years for a simple reason. As Rosi Fernández, from the Ananda Ferdi beauty salon in Madrid, explains, “pulltails remind us of our childhood and are very versatile, as well as easy to do.” In addition, it is important to emphasize that if we add a polished finish, they give a very flattering touch of elegance but, at the same time, the tightness provides that tensor effect that subtracts years of age, according to the expert.

Making this ponytail at home is very simple. The trick is to brush your hair upside down and into a tight ponytail above the crown of your head. This effect will be enhanced if we card the upper part of it. In addition, we can give volume to the hair by combing it with the iron with the ends outward, as Jennifer Lopez wears it.

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