Jennifer Lopez changes her look and goes back 20 years in time with an unexpected tint

While 2022 was marked by extreme looks and long hair with the most difficult colors to maintain, this year the naturalness (but above all, health) it’s fashionable. Fewer and fewer ‘celebrities’ are betting on oxygenated blondes, choosing shades that respect the integrity of the hair more and, moreover, are more flattering.

Businesswoman and 'influencer' Kim Kardashian, at the 2022 LACMA Art+Film Gala.

Ester Expósito, Bella Hadid, Blanca Suárez, Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry are some who have followed this path, which she has now joined Jennifer Lopez. Singer left the blonde for a fairly light caramel hue, but you can see that he was not completely convinced, since he has opted for a radical change in look and has switched to one of the most flattering hair colors.

Lately, we’ve gotten used to seeing JLo with her highlights, pulling her into that space between a brunette and a blonde, a ‘bronde’ if you will. But this recent color change not only looks beautiful on her, but after seeing it on her, it will be one of the most requested in hairdressers this spring.

The singer has gone back 20 years in time and has recovered that chocolate mocha with whom we fell in love in the romantic comedies that he starred in in the 2000s, such as Wedding plans either The groom’s mother. This shade is perfect for those who are looking for a change of look without risking too much, being sure that they will always look good. It is a warm brown with caramel reflections reminiscent of milk chocolate.

“It looks especially good on people with warm skin, although with the right undertone also on cool skin. These shades provide a feeling of lighter and shinier hair, but they do not try to be blonde. Low-maintenance and fresh, it remains in keeping with the natural tones of the hair,” explains Raquel Saiz of Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz.

However, the haircut has also caught our attention, a ‘butterfly cut’ in long layers that gives it a lot of movement. This cut is ideal for fine hair that seeks more volume, as well as framing any type of face, whether square, elongated or round, managing to provide a lot of harmony.

Goya.- Cate Blanchett:

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