Immediate volume with these 5 tricks for straight hair

There are a thousand different ways to wear your hair and show off your long hair. While there are those who prefer to bet on a trend cut, others remain faithful to their usual style, concentrating all their efforts on hair care. In either case, one of the biggest concerns for women is that the hair looks voluminous and full-bodied, trying to avoid as much as possible the dull aspect that often presents the straight hair types

To achieve this, one of the first steps is to go to the hairdresser and, following the advice of the professionals, obtain a cut or hairstyle that, in some way, already lays the foundations for hair with more volume. However, the process does not end here, because once we get home, it is convenient to follow a series of keys and tricks that guarantee this volume in straight hair practically every day.

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1. The perfect haircut

María Baras, artistic director of Cheska Hall (C. de Velázquez, 61, Madrid) assures that having the ideal cut is the best scenario from which to start to enhance the volume of straight hair. “Not only does it have to be a short hair, it can be choose the length you want and make a shaped cut. It is true that if it is thin and sparse, you cannot do many layers because you lose solidity at the tip and we recommend going a little shorter (Sometimes you sacrifice length for volume), but it doesn’t always have to be that way.”

“All this, yes, if we talk about straight and fine hair, there is also fine and wavy hair. Those who have it are more fortunate because, with the wavy, they achieve a visual effect of more amount of hair. In either case, a cut with invisible layers is perfect, which are those that do not reduce density at the tip, but give you movement and, on straight hair, give a lot of body,” he explains.

2. The importance of a good shampoo

Apply the conditioner on lengths and ends
It is essential to use the right shampoo for our hair type.
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When it comes to hair care to enhance its volume, the products we use play a fundamental role. This is what María Baras indicates because “if you use a super heavy shampooFor example, and especially on curly hair, it will be over-hydrating and stripping you of all the volume.”

In addition, the stylist insists on the importance of using conditioner, regardless of how the hair is. “Don’t make the mistake of saying: ‘I don’t use conditioner, it flattens my hair or reduces volume’. It is important that the end is very healthy and for that we need moisturize the mane, so a conditioner for fine hair that is light and not weighing it down is ideal”

3. Extra help: volumizing products

After washing, you can continue applying products that give extra volume and body to the hair. An example? Volumizing sprays. “I like those that give you a bit of body and also serve as a heat protector. It is important to use products that thicken the ends and protect them, because fine hair is really much more delicate and sometimes looking for volume or having a longer hair, we forget to take care of it and protect it, which is the really basic thing to make it look thicker,” says the director of Salon Cheska.

“If your tip is very healthy, it’s more hydrated and it looks more solid, it will look like you have more hair. It may seem silly, but you have to take great care of it and usually the opposite is done. And I understand it because it is true that there are many products on the market that give a lot of weight, they are very siliconed and they are not good at all, but there are many others that are, so you have to keep trying until you find the right one, take into account the correct way to apply it, etc.”, affirms María.

4. This is how you have to dry your hair to get volume

Drying and protecting our hair is possible with these allies.
Drying our hair with movement is vital to achieve volume.

Regarding hair drying, professionals and ordinary people agree that the best formula to multiply the volume is to do it upside down. María Baras says that “there are also those who wash their heads upside down to get volume after washing, but you have to check that it works. It seems to me that it is something that makes sense because in the end you are taking off the root all the time of the scalp”.

For this reason, it indicates that when combing it, applying products and put the towel face down after washing we will enhance the effect. “The idea is that you give yourself a massage while you dry it or apply products upside down to move the root a lot and detach it from the scalp so that it dries with movement.” In addition, beyond the dryer, you can choose other healthy and natural drying tips that provide volume such as combing wet hair into churritos to mark the wave or collect the hair in a bun when the hair is 95% dry. “Simple tricks so you don’t have to be with the iron and the tongs because obviously when you make waves with these tools, the hair has much more volume, but using them every day is not advisable at all,” says the stylist.

There are a whole series of myths around hair care.

5. Infallible cosmetics for dry hair

to top it off the process of washing and caring for hair Focused on enhancing volume, certain cosmetics can be applied dry which, in addition to prolonging this effect, guarantee clean hair for longer. “Smooth hair tends to have oily roots and also lose volume, therefore, because it stays straighter. There are products that are applied dry, such as texturizers, or dry shampoos, which manage to lengthen this volume effect , in addition to preventing it from getting greasy”.

Other tricks for give volume to straight hair They go through using the classic rollers and getting a bit of shape, as well as carrying out natural molding methods, such as the technique of rolling a sock around the hair or sleeping with several braids distributed throughout the hair. “One has to experiment with hairbut without damaging it, which is the most important thing”, concludes María Baras from Salón Cheska.

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