How to make up the ‘eyeliner’ and comb the eyebrows to enlarge the eyes, according to Andrea Duro

The look, in a matter of beauty, has acquired more prominence than ever, especially as a result of the use of masks. Enhancing the size and shape of our eyes is possible with good makeup, but how to do it?

Clara Lago, María Pombo or Macarena Gómez have been some of the familiar faces who have attended, this Thursday, the presentation of the new fragrance J’adore Parfum d’Eau, from the French firm Dior. The ‘celebrities’ have taken advantage of the occasion to show off some of her best looksalmost all in white and gold tones.

Among all those present, one stood out, the actress and model andrea hard. And not because of her clothes (which also) but because of her impeccable makeup chosen for the occasion. Andrea has worn a intense maroon lip and a perfect eye look to enhance and enlarge the eyes.

To create a complete ‘beauty look’ that opens our eyes, nothing like adding some sparkle and color to our eyelid. With an earth-colored eye shadow, which makes a transition between the skin color and the black of the eyeliner, it will create a base on the entire basin and mobile eyelid. For a more slanted eye, the trick will be spread it out, following the trajectory that the ‘eyeliner’ will later have. Next, apply a shade that has some shine in the center of the eyelid, a trick that will illuminate your eyes and create an incredible open-eyed effect.

Over this combination of shadows, Andrea Duro has worn an ‘eyeliner’ in black, finite and elongatedwhich combined with long and curly eyelashes create the perfect ‘eye look’ for an evening event.

The 'eye look' of Andrea Duro
The ‘eye look’ of Andrea Duro

The key to an open look: the eyebrows

The actress has already said it on several occasions: You can’t leave the house without well-groomed eyebrows.. Andrea can boast of bushy eyebrows with a beautiful shape. Even so, on special occasions like this he usually outlines them, filling in the gaps in a very subtle way. With an eyebrow pencil, you can fill in the most depopulated partswith gentle touches.

Andrea Duro's eyebrows
Andrea Duro’s eyebrows

So that there is not too exaggerated a silhouette and to achieve a natural look like Andrea’s, it is best to remove excess with brush, combing carefully. This is, without a doubt, the most natural way to achieve uniform eyebrows that give expression to the face.

To keep the eyebrows in place and take care of their natural shape, Andrea’s trick is apply a fixing gel, combing towards the top. With this upward movement, some hairs will remain upwards, creating a shape that open your eyes wide.

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