How to make hair waves with a ‘great hair’ effect, like Jessica Chastain’s, easily

When we think of a ‘great hair’, what comes to mind is hair with body and volume. Many times, especially if we have fine hair, we are not able to achieve this effect. However, if you are one of those who have hair with more volume, luck is in your hand. Either way, there is a hairstyle that helps us enhance it and achieve a very elegant ‘beauty look’ suitable for any occasion: waves.

The sweetest hairstyle of the trends of this fall

In case we had any kind of doubt, Jessica Chastain He has helped us to clear them with his last posed in public. The actress has become the queen of the ‘photocall’ in the London Film Festivalwhere he has gone for the premiere of the film The Good Nurse (in Spanish, The angel of Death).

In the feature film, which opens on October 26 at Netflixwork together eddie redmayne. It is a plot based on a true story that tells of the suspicions of a nurse towards one of her colleagues about the death of several patients.

They return in 'maxi' format for all hairstyles.

For the premiere of the film in the capital of the United Kingdom, Jessica has worn an impressive orange dress, with a V-neck, knotted at the belly and with XL shoulder padswhich works perfectly with her red hair, as well as a hairstyle with which she has elevated her styling even further.

To give volume to your fine hair, Jessica has opted for some capillary waves with which he has worked the texture of his hair. With this hair option, as explained Manuel Monwith a beauty salon of the same name in Oviedo, “not only will you look perfect, but your hair will win in presence”.

Specifically, the actress she has worn her wavy hair parted on the side, leaving one side of her face bare, and falling onto his other shoulder. “If we create some waves, do them in the area of ​​the crown so that when the locks fall they look stronger,” he declares. Jose Garcia by José García Peluqueros from Pamplona.

Jessica Chastain at the 'The Good Nurse' premiere at the London Film Festival
Jessica Chastain at the ‘The Good Nurse’ premiere at the London Film Festival

How to get the waves with a ‘pelazo’ effect

The stylist Rosi Fernandez, from the Ananda Ferdi salon in Madrid, gives us the step-by-step to achieve these waves in the hair in a very simple way. Do you take note?

  1. Put volumizer at the root. This will help create texture and give the hair more body.
  2. Dry hair upside down to add volume. This is a very popular stylist trick with instant effect.
  3. Once dry, partitions must be made in the hair and with a cone or tongs, roll the hair strand by strand from the nape of the neck to the front.
  4. Once all the strands are done and when they have cooled, we comb with a brush so that the wave is open and flat.
  5. Finally, fix with fixing spray.
Products and tools to make waves in the hair
Products and tools to make waves in the hair
Miriam Quevedo / Babyliss / Bellissima / Sephora / ICON / Canva
  • Spray ‘Platinum & Diamonds. Luxurious Texturizing Spray’ by Miriam Quevedo. Suitable for all hair. Provides volume and body, as well as strengthening thanks to a complex of five trace elements. (Price: €59).
  • Babyliss ‘Elegance 2100’ hairdryer. Dries quickly thanks to three temperature settings and ionic system. (Price: €49.90).
  • Bellissima ‘Twist & Style’ complete kit. Indicated for creating waves and curls, it includes a comfortable base and 6 accessories to create different types of curls. (Reduced price: €149.90).
  • ‘Tangle Teezer’ brush. Ideal for fine hair thanks to its flexible bristles. Available at Sephora. (Price: €17.99).
  • ‘Done finishing spray’, by ICON Light and dry vaporization fixing spray. Does not leave residue or weigh hair down. (Price: €9.50).

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