How to get rid of shine without ruining makeup: the viral TikTok trick that conquers ‘beauty hunters’

There is no doubt that TikTok has become the trendsetter of the moment. Although Instagram is still a great help to hunt down the clothes that dazzle the famous (and those of us who are not so famous!), It is in this network where all the news is cooked and where, in addition, they go viral so quickly and in such a way that, sometimes, they only last for hours in the catalogue. Especially if we talk about cosmetics! Do you remember the Ole Henriksen purifying mask? Or the mascara for extra-long lashes Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara by Maybelline? Surely yes, because you have them and enjoy!

The brushes are those that achieve the precision of the line or the blurring.

Well, we warn you that the new sensation also has all the ingredients to make you fall in love, since its formula is designed to eliminate shine on the face in just one pass. How do you read it! You only have to apply it once on the skin so that the excess fat that usually appears on the forehead, chin or nose disappears to give our skin a more polished look and for longer. It is not about the mattifying powders that most of us have in our cosmetic bags to seal our makeup, if you are thinking about them, it is even more practical, easier to apply, faster and, yes, also more natural. Have you already seen on TikTok some of the roll on with volcanic stone that everyone talks about?

I want a ‘roll on’ of volcanic stone

To begin with, it must be taken into account that this product beauty not only removes shine and mattifies the face, He also massages it to stimulate circulation and restore the natural light of the skin.. In addition, using it is within everyone’s reach, regardless of how skilled we are with makeup, since it isYou just have to slide the volcanic stone ball over the area of ​​the face where you want to remove fat and improve the appearance of the face. But the best is yet to come: unlike anti-shine wipes, these products are reusable and washable to create less waste and save money. But, of all roll on of the market, which one are we left with?

Perhaps the most popular so far is that of Revlon, a true icon when it comes to ending shine, regardless of whether we are wearing makeup or not. Its price? Less than 10 euros.

This is one of the most famous 'roll on'.
This is one of the most famous ‘roll on’.

In pink and with an ergonomic handle, we can also find the You Are The Princess proposal, with an perfect design to transport it in the bag and lend a hand whenever we need to finish with a shine.

This product costs less than four euros.
This product costs less than four euros.

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