How to get (and style) the most viral curtain bangs?

Trends always come back, also when it comes to the field of beauty. In recent seasons we have witnessed how hairstyles and cuts that caused all the rage in the 1970s and 1980s have returned, breaking into salons and hairdressers with force. Style references from all over the world have opted for them and, among the most popular (and viral), the curtain bangs.

The iconic bangs that made it fashionable Brigitte Bardot It has returned to our lives, although in a version adapted to the new times. Of course, characteristics such as the length that it presents on the sides or its incomparable volume They have not changed at all, so it is essential to know how to comb it correctly to get the most out of it and show it off as a true ‘celebrity’ would.

Hairstyle seen in the 'street style' of Paris

Maria Baras, artistic director of Salón Cheska (C. de Velázquez, 61, Madrid) gives us, in this sense, some keys and advice to maintain it correctly. In this way, you can not only show off bangs, but also you will save a few visits to the hairdresser, taking care of both its shape and the appearance of the hair.

A good cut comes first

Before learning how to style curtain-type bangs, it is essential to have this type of bangs. To achieve this, María Baras recommends doing it in the hands of a professional, since a good cut is the basis of everything. “To succeed with your curtain bangs, the ideal thing is to cut it properly, with a professional, because it’s not silly to make a bang from scratch. It’s one thing to touch it up a bit when it’s already cut, but in a whole mane go to a bangsachieving the oblique line that this type of bangs presents is not easy at all”.

“The initial design has to have been created by a professional to know the amount of hair to use, what favors the most… This fringe is not the same with a small forehead, a face with a long forehead, a rounded face… The curtain bangs it can fall to the cheekbone, to the mouth. There are different options in this regard,” says the stylist.

How to style it on straight hair?

Brigitte Bardot in a 1950 portrait.
Brigitte Bardot in a 1950 portrait.
Getty Images/FilmPublicity

As for the hairstyle, the reasons why, precisely, many women opt for this type of bangs is, in addition to how flattering it is, how easy it is to maintain. “For example, I have straight hair, I let it air dry and it combs itself. Because it is unloaded and with the shape made of the diagonal. The problem is if the hair is very straight or curly, then you will have to give it a little shape”, says María.

And if you have curly hair?

In the case of having straight, frizzy or curly hair, the director of Salón Cheska explains several processes to give it shape. “I like to shape it with the dryer and my fingers, with the own force of the dryer by pinching it with your fingers in the center, the wave is made by itself”. In cases where the hair is somewhat more rebellious, it is possible to have to use other tools such as the round brush or the curlers.

“The wave can be made with a large round brush. You take a strand of hair, blow-dry it forward first, then open the curtain and place the brush on top of the strand, turning to either side. This way you can give it a curtain touch if you have wavy or frizzy hair or your hair is not polished (…) There is also another trick that is put a big curl up or with a tweezer turning it in the form of a ring backwards for a little while and it already takes that seventies shape”, explains María.

Using an iron for curtain bangs

Hair straighteners help us shape the hair.
Hair straighteners help us shape the hair.

Although it is true that the iron or the tongs are not recommended for this type of bangs because they require greater dexterity, they can be useful to give the hair a touch. “There are people who comb it with the typical air styling brush and it is already marked or with a touch of iron or tongs, it can be done in a thousand ways depending on the skill, but the really important thing is that the base cut is perfect because if not, it won’t be combed”, says the professional.

Regarding the products that we can apply to the bangs, to maintain it, María Baras insists that they be astringent given the fat that the bangs can acquire when being in continuous use. Skin contact. “Texturizer or dry shampoo is the best option to give your hair volume. For example, the day after you wash it, you can apply a little dry shampoo and give it some shape with the iron.”

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