How to get and care for bleached hair like Marilyn Monroe’s

On September 28, one of the most anticipated movies of the year arrives on Netflix: Blondean adaptation of the homonymous novel by Joyce Carol Oatesstarring Ana de Armaswhich covers the life of Marilyn Monroe during the 50s and 60s.

The Hispanic actress plays the one who was in her day, and still is, one of the greatest icons of style and femininity. Marilyn was always considered an empowered, sexy woman with a lot of personality. Her platinum blonde hair is one of her most characteristic features of her look but, What should we know about this mythical hairstyle? We spoke with experts to find out the keys, both when it comes to getting that discoloration and taking care of it.

This 'beauty' recipe contains the best kept secrets of this icon of history.

How to get Marilyn Monroe’s platinum blonde?

As its own name indicates, platinum blonde has always been associated with silver; however, as Alberto Sanguino, an expert from Llongueras, explains, “Ana de Armas’ blonde is a tone that is more vanillait’s warmer.”

In order to do this, we actually have to subjecting the hair to a bleaching process, which, although it is not usually the most recommended for the health of our hair, has an excellent result and can be cared for like any other color, as long as one knows how to do it. “It’s a very aggressive product, which leaves the hair cuticle very open, but there’s no other way to get a platinum, unless you have a very blonde base,” says Sanguino.

To achieve this, as detailed by Carlos Fernández, from Franck Provost, first the background of the hair of the person who is going to perform it should be assessed. “In the case of Ana de Armas, she is a woman with quite dark hair and it has been necessary to bleach it a lot,” she adds.

One of the great disadvantages of this coloration is that the entire process must be repeated once the hair has grown and poke the root. “By only putting the bleach on the base, you inevitably touch a bit of the blonde part and the chances of hair splitting are very high,” he explains.

To achieve the desired tone, it is recommended shade with warm tones like vanilla if you have fair skin, as is the case of Ana de Armas. For warmer skin, it is advisable to opt for ash or smoked.

Like Joe DiMaggio, both Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe had gotten the wrong idea about each other, but when they met they connected instantly.  The two met at a party organized by a friend of Miller's and a well-known director in Hollywood, Elia Kazan ('The Law of Silence').  Miller, a renowned playwright and very elusive towards everything that he had to do with the splendor of Hollywood, was surprised by the Marilyn he met, much more cultured and interesting than he imagined.  Both ended up falling in love and married in 1956, in a marriage that lasted four and a half years and was full of lights and shadows. "It's the first time I'm really in love.  Arthur is a serious man but he has a wonderful sense of humor.  I am crazy for him"said the actress in her day.  In the film, Miller is played by Adrien Brody, who appears in the last part of the film living the last moments of Marilyn's life until the final separation and subsequent death of her.
Ana de Armas gives life to Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’.

How to care for bleached hair?

Knowing how to care for bleached hair is key to maintaining the tone and that the hair does not have a dry appearance. Thus, “you have to change the care protocol combining nutritious products together with others that are specific to maintain the color. You can alternate or apply both in the same wash,” the experts explain.

At home, this care is also essential. For this, a very nutritious shampoo must be applied, which hydrates it, in addition to applying a cream or mask at least once a week. In addition, it is recommended to visit our beauty salon every 15 or 20 days to apply a more intensive mask and prevent the color from changing. Normally, this color changes to a yellowish-orange hue.

How often should we go to the salon? It is advisable to visit our beauty center four months maximum, since from that time the root is seen in excess. However, Alberto Sanguino, ensures that the ideal would be to go to the month and a half.

What products to use to care for this coloration?

Products that keep yellow reflections at bay thanks to violet pigments, as well as moisturizers, will be basic in our hair care.

Recommended products to care for bleached hair
Recommended products to care for bleached hair
  1. Molecular hair treatment ‘Power Peptides’ from ICON. Restores hair while giving it flexibility and shine. It is used after washing, as a conditioner without rinsing. (Price: cpv).
  2. ‘Cool Silver Conditioner’ by REF School. Conditioner with botanical extracts and violet pigments to protect and neutralize unwanted yellow tones in bleaching. (Price: €22).
  3. Shampoo ‘Extreme Caviar Shampoo for Blond & Silver Hair’, by Miriam Quevedo. A product for blondes and silvers formulated with caviar and violet pigments that neutralize unwanted tones and maintain the blonde. (Price: €35).
  4. Neutralisant shampoo by Franck Provost. Designed for aggressive colorations and with more porosity, it provides hydration and oxygenation. In its formula are ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and white tea. (Price: cpv).
  5. Goa Organics ‘Perfect Blondie’ Pack. Especially designed for blonde and bleached hair. On the one hand, the ‘Le Blonde’ shampoo deeply repairs the hair fiber and controls the tone thanks to the blue pigments. On the other hand, the ‘L’Essentiel’ controls the ‘frizz’ and provides shine and softness. Finally, this pack includes ‘L’Essentiel Mask’, for a more complete treatment. All of them formulated without parabens or sulfates.
  6. Mask ‘Metax Detox’, by L’Oréal Professionnel. Special for colored hair, this product prevents 87% of hair breakage and is considered a treatment for bleaching. (Price: cpv).

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