How to do a natural makeup to go to a party step by step

The parades of the last Fashion Weeks have shown that one of the great trends of the moment is the natural make-up or, what is the same, the ‘no make-up make-up’. There are many people who opt for minimal makeup or do it in such a way that it seems that there is not a drop of makeup on the face, so that the skin looks healthier and more hydrated. But it is not usually the usual in party looks.

The sequins, the ‘glitter’ or the bright colors are usually the main protagonists of the festive outfits and wearing a minimalist ‘beauty look’ on these occasions is less common. However, it is possible and there are those who are delighted with the idea of ​​looking partying a ‘good face effect’ immediately, without looking too made up.

Semi-permanent contouring for an immediate good-looking effect

Get natural makeup ideal for partying is only possible if a series of guidelines and keys are met that allow us not only to boast of a radiant skin with a ‘glow’ touch, but also, that it remains as if it were freshly made, with the passing of the hours.

1. Prepares the skin so that it looks radiant

In all makeup is very important skin prep, because it is the base on which everything else will be based. This is particularly important in a ‘no make-up make up‘ because the skin is, precisely, the great protagonist, compared to other parts of the face.

Thus, the first thing is to apply a moisturizer that, if possible, includes sun protection or directly the protector. At the moment in which the skin has absorbed it, it will be necessary to go to the ‘primer’ that, in this type of makeup, should also be illuminating or have a certain ‘glow’ effect.

2. Light foundation or ‘skin tint’

A model in the Elisabetta Franchi fashion show.
A model in the Elisabetta Franchi fashion show.

The next step in this ‘beauty look’ is to hide imperfections with a color corrector: green for redness, yellow for dark circles… This is an important step, since the base to be used will not be as covering as others, but rather will have to be one with light, very fluid texture and that it does not stiffen the face, but enhances the shine.

In this sense, professionals opt for the so-called ‘skin tint’ which are nothing more than transparent and breathable bases that cover the skin and improve it, but allow its texture to be transparent. That is, they get a immediate good face effect and leave the skin juicy. Instead, there are those who bet on mixing the ‘primer’ and even the moisturizer with their usual color base, to make it lighter.

3. Juicy lips in neutral tones

When it comes to lips, colors like red, pink or purple they are completely ruled out of a natural makeup to go to a party. In line with the rest of the look, the key is to be juicy and to look as healthy as possible, so that shine by themselves.

The priority in this part of the face is to provide volume, so that they do not go unnoticed. This can be achieved with a lip balm that has a certain shine or applying a ‘gloss’ afterwards. We will also be able to double their size if we outline them slightly outside the lip line with a very subtle neutral tone that is hardly noticeable. the lips will remain precious, natural and very juicy.

4. The look, key in a party ‘beauty look’

Two models at the Elisabetta Franchi fashion show.
Two models at the Elisabetta Franchi fashion show.

In the only area of ​​the face where it is allowed some creativity within a ‘no make-up make-up’ is in the eyes. The look has a lot of strength and acts as a complement to any party styling.

For this reason we can choose an eye shadow in earth tones that decorate both the mobile eyelid and the lower water line, or bet on more daring ‘eyeliners’, but that remain minimalist. Of course, something that we cannot (and should not) skimp on is the mascara, as long as it does not look artificial or very produced.

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5. Finishes off makeup and extends its duration

Even if it is a Natural makeup almost imperceptible, it is vital that the good look it produces is maintained throughout the party. To achieve this, there are some tricks such as following the ‘layering’ technique when doing makeup (go little by little and layer by layer with the products), use quality and long-lasting products or apply some fixing spray makeup to finish off the ‘beauty look’.

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