Hair loss, acne… These are the 5 ‘beauty’ factors that worry us the most in autumn and how we can solve them

The arrival of the time when temperatures drop, the leaves fall and the days get shorter takes its toll on our appearance. The lack of sun, increased stress and climate changes make the skin and hair suffer more than necessary during these months, and that putting a solution is among our priorities.

If we add to this the problems that we carry over the summer such as spots, dry skin or hair damaged by the sun, it may cross our minds to do a fine tunning to remedy all these inconveniences to show off our best version.

During the autumn, we can feel the duller face, some incipient wrinkle, feel a excessive hair lossa greater dryness of our skin or an acne breakout, but if you want to solve it, here are some tips.

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1. Hair loss

Hair loss is part of its natural process, however, during the autumn time the hair seems to suffer its consequences more easily and give the feeling that we are losing more hair than we should.

To avoid this, we must take care of it as if it were an orchid, that is, with much delicacy and attention so that it is smooth, beautiful and healthy again, stopping the fall. To achieve this, diet is a fundamental part.

As Julia Chacón, CEO of Luxmetique, emphasizes: “General well-being starts from To eat a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and good activity and rest routines. Seeking daily balance will undoubtedly be reflected in our hair and skin. To avoid hair loss, you must prioritize foods rich in nutrients, healthy fatty acids and vitamins, among which are salmon, blueberries, shellfish, spinach, avocado and pumpkin, among others.

Another option is to opt for the capsule supplementation that provide us with what we need, such as those of redenhair (€42). These capsules contain a revolutionary formula specially designed to keep the hair follicle healthy, preventing its oxidation and providing all the nutrients to stimulate hair growth thanks to its active ingredients. They are indicated to recover lost hair, as well as to have stronger and more alive hair, with more thickness, greater volume and more shine.

Redenhair 'Hair nutrition supplement' tablets
Redenhair ‘Hair nutrition supplement’ tablets

2. Acne

After exhaustive sun exposure where the grains take a breather, with autumn the skin suffers, in many cases, what is known as rebound effect and the first acne breakouts appear. For this, choosing a product that treats this alteration and hydrates the skin at the same time with maximum tolerance is essential.

“People who have acne, although most of them have oily skin, their skin/epidermal barrier is altered, making them more vulnerable. For this reason, we must use a moisturizing product with keratolytic active ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid and sebum-regulating and hydrant active ingredients” adds Dr. José Luis López Estebaranz- Bioderma collaborating dermatologist- director of the DermoMedic Clinic.

One of the most viral cosmetics on the internet recently landed in Spain for its results against blackheads and acne, the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Exfoliating Toner (€38). With 2% salicylic acid, this product helps control, treat and prevent acne breakouts, but remember to accompany it afterwards with a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Paula's Choice Exfoliating Toner.
Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Exfoliating Toner

3. Stains

The effects of the sun are also contemplated with the appearance of spots on the skin. Something that in addition to sun exposure is caused by other factors such as aging or some medical treatments. Therefore, it is essential to follow the advice of dermatologists and undergo a specific treatment to prevent and deal with it.

The vitamin Cwith a powerful antioxidant effect, is one of the most important compounds to combat the appearance of dark spots, also helping to reduce their presence, as it has benefits for the skin such as delaying oxidation and cell aging, and provide more light.

We can find a large number of products with vitamin C on the market, but if we want them to be effective without damaging our skin, they must be in a concentration between 10% and 20%, like the new 3INA serum. The vit C orange serum (€26.95) is, as its name suggests, a stabilized vitamin C serum with a 15% concentration and antioxidant properties that brightens, softens, hydrates, and reduces hyperpigmentation.

'The vit C orange serum' by 3INA
‘The vit C orange serum’ by 3INA

4. Wrinkles

Faced with the signs of aging, one of the most demanded techniques during this time is the ‘facelift’ and/or neck As Dr. Richard Fakin, a specialist in plastic, reconstructive surgery and aesthetic medicine, points out, it symbolizes without a doubt, the driving force of facial rejuvenation.

The procedures used have progressed in recent years in such a way that, as Dr. Fakin says, “they have undergone an incorporation of recent techniques such as facial fat grafting and peeling that allow us to offer more complete, harmonious and natural results”. This facial and neck lift “offers a high rate of recognition and happiness in each of our patients, obtaining very long-lasting results,” says the doctor.

5. Dry hands

With the drop in temperatures, the dryness of the skin is accentuated, something that forces us to give it a extra hydration to our body. In addition to the face, the hands are one of the parts of the body that suffer the most from these changes in the weather. Something we can get based on exfoliation and hydrationas explained by the experts at Avant Skincare.

The skin absorbs particles and dirt from everything we touch, a fact that is especially true in the hands. From the natural cosmetic firm they recommend exfoliate hands, at least twice a weekto eliminate all dead cells, regenerate the outer layer of the skin and ensure that the products that we apply later penetrate more easily.

That is why they recommend finding products that do not harm the skin, such as Pro-Lux Hand Scrub (€97). This product combines ingredients such as papaya, whose hydrating and smoothing qualities hydrate and fight free radicals in the skin, and alanine, intended to smooth the appearance of the skin.

Avant Skincare Pro-Lux Hand Scrub
Avant Skincare Pro-Lux Hand Scrub

Using the correct active ingredients on the skin is very important

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