Hailey Bieber’s manicure for less than 6 euros with this Zara enamel

Can a viral manicure be in fashion for more than a year? Yes, if the forerunner and maximum defender of this is Hailey Bieber. The ‘glazed donut’ manicure has been sweeping since the model and GenZ icon captured that iridescent and juicy effect on her nails to attend the 2022 Met Gala, today we can copy the trend with a single nail polish, from home, and for less than 6 euros.

Jennifer Lopez at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

The step by step of the fashionable ‘low cost’ manicure

How to get the glazed manicure that Hailey Bieber has been wearing for months is something that, unless you are present on social networks, you know how to do. And you will also know that this requires a laborious process that involves professional finishing products, at least until now.

Zara, in its tremendous work and obsession with making our lives easier, has released a nail polish with an iridescent and glazed finish so that you only need two passes of it to show off the most fashionable manicure. This is how they share it on their social networks:

He step by step of the most fashionable manicure among the GenZ (and among the ladies over 50) who ends with an unexpected twist and elevates the result into a luxury design:

  • Clean and prepare the nail. Shapes slightly square, cleans the surface to remove naturally present oils and dust particles
  • Apply two thin coats of the Zara nail lacquer in the shade ‘glazed 264’. Let dry between them and seal the tip with a horizontal pass
  • Protect with a gel effect top coat to make the iridescent effect last longer
  • The finishing touch! Attach pearls or crystals to elevate your manicure and combine 2 spring trends

Zara’s affordable nail polish

nail lacquer ‘superior wear, naturally’ from Zara has an effective formula created from natural ingredients without sacrificing the duration of other traditional nail polishes.

The tone ‘glazed 264′ is the one that sweeps the most, due to its iridescent and glazed finish (as its name implies) that allows Hailey Bieber’s manicure for only 5.95 euros.

Zara's affordable nail polish
Zara’s affordable nail polish

Available on the web and in any physical store that has the corner beauty recently released.

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