Greasy hair? If your hair gets dirty quickly, you may be doing something wrong.

It’s not lazy. The truth is that, especially for those with long hair, the moment of the shower can take too long. Detangling, washing, conditioning, drying, styling and sometimes even ironing can take precious hours out of our day. But it is that reducing the frequency of washing will not only save us hours. We assure you that the health of your hair and scalp will also appreciate it.

And you will say, very good, but how do I wash my hair as little as possible without making it look damaged, messy or even greasy? The truth is that hair works by habit and must be polite. Therefore, the best way to care for it will be to accustom it to healthy habits.

Little by little, the hair will respond and, each time, it will last more days clean, without looking dull or greasy. These are some changes to your shower routine Recommended by Jean Louis David’s hairdressing experts that will gradually make you need to wash less frequently.

How often?

Clearly, clean hair is essential for a good image and personal hygiene. But, If you wash your hair every time you get in the shower, you’re making a mistake. There are factors that can influence the frequency of our washes: going to the gym, having a special event, the time of year, our type of hair… However, from Jean Louis David they give general advice: “Each person and their Circumstances vary, but generally washing it 3-4 days a week is more than enough.. Washing it every day is a complete mistake.”

The best natural shampoo

If you are one of those who thinks that any shampoo is worth it, it is time that we take the opposite. The experts at Jean Louis David are clear that a suitable shampoo is essential in our care routine. In general, it is recommended to use one with Neutral pH (between 4.5 and 5.5) so that it does not damage the natural pH of our scalp, while cleaning in depth.

Brand professionals recommend natural shampoos, without silicones, or sulfates, that remain in the hair and attract dirt.

Special attention to the scalp

The feeling of dirty hair comes, in most cases, from the roots of our hair. It is in the scalp that the sebaceous glands are located and, therefore, where the grease generated between washes accumulates. If your hair gets dirty quickly, you may not be paying much attention to this area.

Pay special attention to your roots with a massage that activates blood circulation and allow the arrival of nutrients to all the hair. Ideally, if you have time for a long and restorative shower, it would be to give the scalp a first wash with the shampoo with a good massage, and a second to the rest of the hair up to the ends.

It is important to pay attention to the scalp
It is important to pay attention to the scalp
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Be careful with the conditioner

The misuse of creams and conditioners is one of the main causes of the appearance of grease in our hair. Applying this product incorrectly can give us a feeling of dirty hair even hours after washing. Therefore, we must be careful how we include it in our hair routine.

Its application must be done properly, at the ends, always avoiding the root area. For best results and maximum smoothness, “apply the balm on the lengths and ends, washed and lightly dried with a towel, then leave it on for 3 minutes before rinsing well” advise the experts at Jean Louis David.

And the water?

We are not going to ask you to use ice water in the middle of November. But it is true that using water that is too hot can affect our hair health, as well as having a direct impact on the overproduction of sebum. Thus, warm water will be our greatest ally. “To maintain the good appearance of the hair, it is best to use warm water to activate the circulation of the hair follicle and prevent the formation of fat on the scalp”the experts recommend.

Apply the conditioner on lengths and ends
Apply the conditioner to the lengths and ends
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Finally, it’s time to dry

Although it may not seem like it, excessive use of the dryer can enhance the production of fat, giving a feeling of dirty hair before its time. Thus, It is best to let your hair air dry. However, natural drying can be difficult for some, especially in the months when temperatures drop. If we find ourselves in need of using a dryer, the ideal is that the temperature is not very high (although it takes longer to dry).

Experts advise avoiding directly affecting the root. Instead, we must “dry from the roots to the tips, that is, in the direction of the hair fibertaking care to keep the appliance parallel to the hair”, they say.

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