From rhinoplasty to cheekbone augmentation: Georgina Rodríguez would carry up to 10 cosmetic touch-ups, according to an expert

Georgina Rodriguez She is one of the best known women in the world. She alone on Instagram she has almost 47 million followers, and also she has her own documentary of her on Netflix, I’m Georgina. The model’s fame has only grown in recent years and, of course, her image has also evolved during this time.

With just 29 years of age, he is, for many, one of the most desired women on the planet. However, also the fact of living from the physical image of her, leads the young woman to not stop taking care of herself and, on an aesthetic level, she has to resort to the odd touch-up. But, What are the treatments that the model has trusted? We spoke with Dr. Leo Cerrud, an expert in aesthetic medicine, to find out where this obvious physical change of the ‘celebrity’ comes from.

An ‘explosive’ aesthetic

Both at the level of style and physical level, Georgina Rodríguez is a striking woman who is committed to the most daring trends of the moment and that, of course, is also reflected in her appearance. “Regardless of whether we may be more or less in agreement with the aesthetic discourse of this ‘celebrity’, it is clear that the Spanish-Argentine woman who now accompanies soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, openly embraces the typical ‘new rich’, ‘brilli-brilli’ aestheticit only has big brands, everything that it looks like is expensive and good and it makes everything look good… Let it be seen what is spent”, begins doctor Leo Cerrud.

All this is something that Georgina also reflects in her aesthetic treatments, as she is “a faithful follower of aesthetic medicine and transformative surgery,” adds the doctor. “Let me explain, there are two ways to approach aesthetic medicine, to rejuvenate or ‘restorative aesthetic medicine’, which is responsible for removing the signs of age, fatigue or hardness. And transformative aesthetic medicine, which are very young patients who what they want is not to rejuvenate, what they want is to become the best version of themselves or in another person directly, but more beautiful and improved. That’s Georgina. It’s also known as ‘beautification,’” she details.

Georgina in a sporty look and Givenchy clogs

There are different old photographs that allow us to know Georgina’s physique and that also help us to confirm that the ‘influencer’ He has undergone different medical-aesthetic surgical proceduresbut all of them “very successful and very well done”, as confirmed by the expert, and if they move away from his stylistic line.

The first thing that catches your eye is rhinoplasty, “perfectly made and very natural”, as defined by Dr. Cerrud. This treatment basically consists of surgery to correct possible deformities in the nose. Likewise, Georgina would also have made a lip augmentationso now she has lips with more thickness, volume and hydration, as well as botulinum toxin top (which is a contraction of the facial muscles to eliminate signs of age, marks and leave the skin toned).

Georgina Rodríguez at the 2022 Latin Grammys 'Person of the Year' gala
Georgina Rodríguez at the 2022 Latin Grammys ‘Person of the Year’ gala
Getty Images for The Latin Record

Following the face, it is evident that there is an eyebrow redesignbecause now it looks more outlined and marked compared to a few years ago, it also wears a treatment to correct dark circles and fill the cheekbones and cheekswhich add volume and rejuvenate the face.

In addition, the doctor details that the marking of the mandibular angle and facial oval, like other treatments. In addition, it confirms that “the quality of the skin does not maintain itself” so its complexion appearance reveals that it has undergone treatments such as “radiofrequency, ultrasound, ‘peelings’, masks, vitamins and a long ‘etc.’ of visits to the beauty booths result in that luminous ‘glow’ that the skin of the ‘instagrammer’ shows off”.

Being the star of the red carpet is Georgina's specialty.  This is how she confirmed it two years ago at the Cannes Film Festival, with an Amazon-inspired dress by Jean Paul Gaultier.  The eye-catching chocolate brown design had an asymmetrical cut, with a generous neckline and slit skirt.  The dress stands out for a piece of braided leather on the strap, with fringes and a thin strip of fabric that serves as a tail.
Georgina Rodríguez is one of the stars of the red carpet.
lionel hahn

Regarding her body figure, Georgina is a sensual woman with curves. Although it is true that exercise is part of her daily routine, it can be confirmed that, at least, the model has done a breast augmentation.

Definitely, Georgina, worthy follower of the Kardashian school, is positioned as one of the iconic women who “have been transformed at the point of a needle and scalpel and need high maintenance,” as the doctor says. “Georgina is like Dubai, you may or may not like her, but she doesn’t go unnoticed,” he concludes.

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