From rhinestones to floating eyeliners: these are the makeup looks you’ll rock this season

Evening make-up always lets our imagination fly and dare with most striking and daring looksbeing able to make it one more accessory of our ‘outfit’ or, directly, the main element of it, leaving the clothes we wear in the background.

Although our personal style leads us to some techniques or others, the truth is that the Trends greatly influence the way we put on makeup, making us bet on looks that, although they are within our comfort zone, would never have occurred to us. The ‘influencers’ of beauty are the main culprits, although we also find inspiration within the catwalks.

One of the advantages of fashion shows is that, on most occasions, the makeup looks are much more bearable than those that we can see on Instagram or TikTok, being able to copy them in detail.

How to do the 'siren eyes' eyeliner at home

For this very reason we have immersed ourselves in the catwalks of the great designers to discover their most groundbreaking and elegant proposals this season and to emulate them with the help of Gisela Bosque, ‘National Make Up Artist’ for Sephora Spain.

Smoked with a special shine

Armani Prive Haute Couture FW22
Armani Prive Haute Couture FW22

This look is ideal for partying or celebrating New Year’s Eve in style. Smoked is a look that never failsa perfect make-up basic for any night occasion and if we add some crystals, we have the perfect trend look.

“In this look, the smoky eye and the black sequins stand out -a very Euphoria without losing sight of elegance. The dark shadow is blended above and below the eye, finishing it with those black sequins -daring and sophisticated-. The effect created by the sequins can also be achieved by creating a point with the help of an ‘eyeliner’ -and a good hand-. The lips, in a soft pink tone, have a matte finish and the skin is very clean, with a slight touch of light on the cheeks”.

The little stones are an essential element for this look and, thanks to the ‘beauty’ section of zara we can find them without any problem. The firm has a pack with several of these ‘stickers’, including a sheet full of black stickers. RRP: €6.95.

Zara 'Turn Of The Century Jewelly Stickers' Stickers
Zara ‘Turn Of The Century Jewelly Stickers’ Stickers

Of course, a good palette with hyperpigmented blacks is essential to achieve this smoky effect. The shadow quartets are ideal for this, since we will have more variety of these tones than in a normal palette and only those that we need come. Between the Bright Quartet Baked Eyeshadow Palette by Kiko we find the palette in the tone Smokey Eyes Profusion which will be perfect to recreate this look. RRP: €12.99.

Quartet of shadows for 'smokey eye' by Kiko
Quartet of shadows for ‘smokey eye’ by Kiko

Finally, we can give it a more festive touch with a shadow full of glitter. One of the tricks of great makeup artists to achieve a more open and luminous look is to use a bright shade right in the center of the eyelid. We can achieve this with the shadow night constellation of the colorful by Sephora Collection. RRP: €6.99.

'Colorful' eyeshadow in the shade 'Night constellation' from the Sephora Collection
‘Colorful’ eyeshadow in the shade ‘Night constellation’ from the Sephora Collection

back to the 90s

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture FW22
Alexis Mabille Haute Couture FW22

The return of the 90’s looks is a reality. Since Hailey Bieber popularized the ‘brownie glazed lips’ (and the controversy that followed), cool dark lips are here to stay.

We have seen this style a lot on the catwalks for this autumn-winter, as proposed by Alexis Mabille in his Haute Couture show. The models paraded with makeup where the The focus was mainly on the lips.

According to Gisela Bosque, it is about “a warm make-up, also around the eyes -with a shading in earth tones with some shine”. To achieve the look, the make-up artist recommends paying attention, “especially to the lips, which are matching outlines, in a berry tone with a juicy finish, that not brilliant ”. The gloss effect, so fashionable in the 2000s, has no place in this look.

If we want to recreate this look, we must start first with the eyes. As the expert points out, it is a warm look, so we have to opt for orange earth tones. A good option is the shadow palette from the collection eyEXshadow of Krashspecifically the version Paula. RRP: €12.95.

Krash 'Paula' Eyeshadow Palette
Krash ‘Paula’ Eyeshadow Palette

As for the main dish, the lipstick, the makeup artist recommends the lipstick I Need A Nude by Natasha Denona, in the Averyl tone. These give the lips a juicy appearance without being glossy and their light and creamy formula with a smooth and luminous finish deeply hydrates the lips with a comfortable texture. RRP: €29.99.

Lipstick 'I need a Nude' by Natasha Denona
Lipstick ‘I need a Nude’ by Natasha Denona

floating eyeliners

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture FW22
Giambattista Valli Haute Couture FW22

Graphic makeup is always a good idea to surprise, but the best thing is that they are so much easier to do than it seems. With them you will not need a lipstick with personality or a powerful blush, so in just 5 minutes you will be ready to go out the door.

To do it like a true professional, Bosque gives us the keys: “Long live graphics! The makeup artist has followed the natural lines of the eye -both in the socket and in the corner- to make the look stand out. In the double ‘cat-eye’ it is important that the lines are parallel, so it is better to use a fine-tipped ‘eyeliner’ in this case. In the case of the line drawn from the outer zone of the tear duct to the end of the eyebrow, the wider the better”.

An ideal ‘eyeliner’ to achieve it in a single stroke is the one with a brush tip (not a marker), such as Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner by Rare Beauty. This long-lasting, waterproof eyeliner is made up of more than 1,000 vegan bristles that allow you to draw fine or thick lines with extreme precision and control. Now we can find it in a pack together with the mascara Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascarawhich allows us to have the complete look for only €32.99.

Rare Beauty 'Perfect Strokes Eye Essentials' Case
Rare Beauty ‘Perfect Strokes Eye Essentials’ Case

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