From ‘Emily in Paris’ to Hailey Bieber: bangs are back in trend, and these are the most popular

The beginning of the new season implies many changes: from the schedule or the temperatures to the routines. Of course, the beginning of autumn-winter 2022-2023 also symbolizes for many a new stage and some other changes… So why not start with the look?

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There are many hair trends that will succeed this season. However, a change of look does not always imply ano haircut or different coloring. If you are one of those who wants to give your hair a renewed air but without risking too much, there is a perfect option for you: dare with bangs.

Bangs are once again in high demand in beauty salons. We find them of all types, for all tastes and for all face shapes. And it is that, indeed, and as we have been able to see among the ‘celebrities’, they are trending again.

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cate blanchett She has already worn the most rejuvenating bangs and, behind her, we have seen from a Blanca Suarezpremiering a somewhat risky one, until hailey bieber betting on a curtain type that suits all shapes of the face. However, we not only see bangs in real life, but also come to series and movies. One of the most anticipated productions of the year (especially by the most stylish girls) is Emily in Pariswhich already has a premiere date for its third season.

It will be next December 21st when we can once again enjoy the adventures of Emily Cooper in the city of light, and although we don’t want to make too many ‘spoilers’, we can anticipate that its protagonist, Lily Collinsthe bangs are cut.

And it is that the bangs are a trend this autumn and according to the experts of Ananda Ferdi it is worn straight (not very short), at the height of the eyebrows. “This type of bangs favors both oval and elongated faces and they use it in practically all types of cuts,” say the experts. If you are also going to follow in the footsteps of Emily Cooper or Hailey Bieber, then we will tell you What are the types of bangs that are most successful this season, how to get them and which faces it favors.

1. Curtain bangs

The ‘courtain fringe’ is always a hit. As they explain to us from the Ananda Ferdi beauty salon, “it is versatile, easy to wear and softens the face”. Therefore, it is a perfect alternative for those who want a change without risking too much. In addition, one of the great advantages of this cut is that does not require much maintenance and can be quickly returned to the previous length.

For whom is it indicated? “For rounded faces and medium and long hair, as long as they are well styled,” add the stylists. “It is important that the bangs go from less to more to give softness. In addition, this type of bangs rejuvenates, since it softens the face and refines the features.”

How to comb it? With a comb, the wet bangs should be combed downwards and, later, with a blow dryer, apply air in the same direction. To finish, it is recommended to give cold air so that it remains open and touch up with your fingers.

2. Parading bangs

This type of bangs brings a lot of personality to whoever wears it. “Sweetens more mature faces and provides a fresher, more youthful appearance,” the experts explain. Besides, It is perfect for those who want to hide small wrinkles or marks on the forehead.

For whom is it indicated? Especially for oval and elongated faces. It also looks good on medium-short hair.

How to comb it? “It is important not to give volume to these types of bangs, therefore my recommendation is to let it air dry,” explains Rosi Fernández, director of Ananda Ferdi.

3. Side bangs

It is another alternative for those who do not want to risk too much. “It allows us to see ourselves differently without radical change.” Besides, they are especially indicated for bangs with swirlsso that they do not open naturally, and for those who want to comb their hair in different ways.

For whom is it indicated? For round or oval faces. “This fringe is recommended for medium length hair or short styled hair, and is especially indicated for informal up-dos,” the stylists detail. It also rejuvenates the face.

How to comb it? We comb it with a dryer directing the air in the direction of the bangs. We will use a flat brush so as not to give volume.

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