From color to puffiness: how to reduce dark circles in 3 easy steps to keep them at bay

The new year, unfortunately for us, does not end with dark circles. Although for a thousand and one issues it is the perfect reset, in matters of the skin it is of little use (unless we have been able to enjoy a well-deserved vacation!). In fact, to combat the sad eyeswhich is how it is commonly known premature aging of this area of ​​the face, we can only rely on a routine beauty specifically to help us restore firmness and luminosity, because we must not forget that there are different types, causes and treatments. But where do we start?

Mists are becoming more and more popular.

To get started, the first step (and one of the most important!) is skin care with specific suitable cleaning products. And it is that the skin that surrounds the eyes is a very fine skin, more prone to irritations and reactions than the rest of the face, so you have to choose cosmetics with a natural formulation, such as Fresh Green micellar water from Freshly. Water-based, its formulation removes impurities and traces of makeup, leaving clean and soft skin while respecting the skin barrier.

Removes impurities and traces of makeup.
Removes impurities and traces of makeup.
Freshly Cosmetics

Once the area is clean, to avoid dark circles, you must always ensure that the area is well hydrated with the help of a contour, such as Belif’s. This cream, the Moisturizing Eye Bomb, provides a long-lasting hydration bath and improves the elasticity of the eye area to delay aging. The best? That is of rapid absorption so we can get on with our routine beauty without expecting more than necessary.

One of its strengths is that it is quickly absorbed.
One of its strengths is that it is quickly absorbed.

However, in order for the active principles of the cream to penetrate, it is important to have tools that help us massage the area to achieve this, such as drainers, since they serve to reduce inflammation of the face, achieve taut skin and eliminate liquids. Our favorite to achieve this is the jade roller, made up of a couple of oblong stones of different sizes that adapt to the recesses of the face and have the ability to maintain the temperature of the mineral below ambient. Thus, they favor the decongestion of the face and the increase of the circulation naturally and without endangering it with abrasive techniques.

Thanks to its design, it adapts perfectly to the recesses of the face.
Thanks to its design, it adapts perfectly to the recesses of the face.

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