From 25 to 15 euros: L’Oréal’s most famous retinol serum, today in XXL format and at half price

In recent years, assets have become part of the debates beauty until they become the protagonists. Now, we choose cosmetics taking into account the formulation and concentration of those ingredients that, for example, our ideal serum should have to illuminate the face, eliminate dark spots or blur the first signs of aging. Thus, the hyaluronic acid, vitamin C or niacinamide They have become part of our vocabulary and our routines, although, if we had to choose one, we are clear that we would choose the retinol.

vitamin C, azelaic and lactic acid are some of its main ingredients.

Although it is true that you have to know how to use it so as not to irritate the skin, it is also true that it is an accelerator of cell regeneration and an ideal collagen producer for treat signs of aging, texture and quality of the skin and the appearance of the pores. For this reason, we do not want it to be missing from our toiletry bag! And less, if we can buy it for a price below the usual thanks to the Amazon Spring Deals.

Formulated with 0.2% pure retinol, which allows for instantly hydrated and supple skin, L’Oréal’s Revitalift Laser serum is 40% off. Although the XXL format that is sold on Amazon (50 milliliters) It usually costs 25 euros, today it can be yours for 15; a bargain that we would not miss if we want to see how wrinkles are reduced and the skin glows. Make the decision fast, the supply may run out! stock available!

You have to apply it in night routines to prevent it from reacting with light.
You have to apply it in night routines to prevent it from reacting with light.

How to use retinol

With proven results in four months, as can be read in the Amazon description, it is important to be consistent with the application of the L’Oréal Revitalift Laser serum. Thus, it is advisable to always use it with the clean and dry face in the night routine and before the moisturizing cream: ideally, warm three to four drops between the fingers and extend from the center to the sides of the face

Of course, two recommendations: the use should be gradual, starting with a couple of applications a week and gradually increasing the frequency; and we must avoid the eye area if we do not want to damage the most sensitive skin of the body.

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