Four easy guest updos to succeed at spring events

With the beginning of spring the season of events begins, be it weddings, baptisms, communions (or even graduations). To succeed with a guest look, we simply have to choose a dress or outfit with which we feel good and think about the appropriate accessories that will give that extra touch of elegance to the style. However, the ‘beauty’ look will play a fundamental role in raising it.

Beyond spring makeup trends, in a matter of hairstyles, updos are the ones that tend to succeed the most for this type of event, as confirmed by hairdressing experts. On Instagram we can find hundreds of ideas, but the red carpets have also left us with the most inspiring proposals. We collected four easy hairstyles to do to recreate them without having to go to the beauty salon.

Hairstyle seen in the 'street style' of Paris

1. High ponytail with maxi volume

At the SAG Awards we were able to enjoy one of the most sophisticated ‘red carpets’ of the year. Undoubtedly, one of the most successful actresses was Amanda Seyfried, who wore a green dress with a very flattering high ponytail with a lifting effect. As Mª José Llata, director of Peluquería Llata ​​Carrera, in Cantabria, explains to “the pigtails are inspired by the volumes and glamor of the 90s, to provide a fresh and jovial imagewithout losing sophistication”.

Recreating it is very simple, we just have to comb the front part in a very polished way, we can use hair products such as fixing gel, and thus create contrast with the rest of the hair. Then we will collect the ponytail at the height of the crown and we will comb it with the ends out to give the look more personality. A trick? To cover the ponytail, use a lock of hair and wrap it around it.

2. Minimalist updo

The ‘less is more’ is a formula that never fails, and it was not going to be less in guest looks. In this sense, opting for a simple hairstyle will give all the prominence to styling, as he did Cara Delevingne at the Oscars, where she was one of the best dressed. In her case, the model and actress wore an impressive red dress accompanied by a polished ballerina bow at the nape of the neck. This hairstyle, as confirmed by the stylist Llata, “It is the perfect option when we wear jewelryaccessories and striking dresses, especially on faces with soft features and long necks”.

To do so, we will have to polish the front part and collect the hair in a small low bun, which you can hold with special hairpins for this type of updo. Finally, you can add hairspray to fix the hairstyle.

3. ‘Low Bubble ponytail’

Kaley Cuoco gave us a lesson in style at the premiere of Meet Cute (An Almost Perfect Date)since it showed that a low ponytail can be a success for an elegant look, as long as we know how to give it the differentiating touch.

The actress took her bubble ponytail, which is “one of the favorites for special events”, as confessed by Conchi Arias, founder of Campos Curlyhair, in Granada. This hairstyle “relaxes this season with a low and loose finish.” It suits those who have light bangs especially well, but if you don’t have it, it can also be accompanied with loose front locks and wavy hairstyles because they frame and enhance the face. “It is a natural and romantic style, which offers us a lot of versatility,” adds the expert.

Carrying out this collection is very simple. You just have to collect the hair in a high ponytail and cover the rubber with a lock of hair so that it is not seen. Once you have it ready, use thin small rubber bands and divide the ponytail into different sections, use as many rubber bands as you want, depending on the length of the hair.

4. Updo with texture

cate blanchett She was one of the great winners of the Oscars, in every way. For the date, the actress wore a textured hairstyle that she inspires for any guest look. “It is a low updo with a textured and slightly wavy effect, which helps us achieve a denser hair sensation“, explains the stylist Arias. “In addition, we can work it even in medium length, because you simply have to pick it up on yourself with hairpins, without looking for a perfect finish,” she adds.

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