Forehead and between the eyebrows: how to prevent and combat this type of wrinkles

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The forehead and between the eyebrows are the parts of the face that show the first wrinklesTherefore, it is not uncommon for these to be the areas that arouse the greatest aesthetic fear. Its prompt appearance has an explanation and that is that daily gesticulation and frowning make these areas show lines of expression more easily. Along with this, the progressive loss of elastin and collagen are other determining factors.

It will be beneficial to include products such as avocados, tomatoes or fruits such as mango in our diet.

Can they be effectively prevented?

It is normal that with age the skin ages and that wrinkles become accentuated due to the cracking of the dermis fibers. However, its manifestation at an early age It has a lot to do with genetics. and, also, with the lifestyle you lead.

Although it may sound repetitive, skin hydration and sun protection play a fundamental role when it comes to delaying the appearance of these wrinkles. The sun’s rays accelerate premature aging by penetrating the deepest layers of the skin, at the conjunctive level, affecting the cells and causing them to produce less collagen.

If you want to prevent wrinkles between the eyebrows and forehead, it will also be necessary to nourish the skin, both with cosmetics for external application and internally. Very moisturizing active ingredients should be used such as high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, antioxidants such as vitamin Cwhich combat free radicals and anti-aging active ingredients, and retinol, which help to renew the dermis, restoring its density and firmness.

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Lifestyle is essential for skin care, as well as diet

Fight wrinkles between the eyebrows and forehead from the inside

It has been shown that nutrition and lifestyle have a great impact on both health and skin care. If the body is not supplied with the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements, cosmetic products alone will not be able to help.

Some of the most beneficial assets when it comes to fighting wrinkles are:

  • L-Proline and L-Lysine: These amino acids contribute to the synthesis of new collagen, which improves the density, quality and firmness of the skin.
  • Arginine and Ornithine: together these two assets boost growth hormone, help repair tissues and provide elasticity to tissues by increasing collagen production.
  • Vitamins C, E and A, are other nutrients that must be present in a varied diet thanks to their powerful antioxidant effects. They stop the action of free radicals and fight oxidation and silent inflammation. Likewise, polyphenols, present in foods such as red fruits or green tea, have benefits for the skin due to their protective capacity against solar radiation and improve the skin’s own antioxidant shield.
Raspberries and red fruits in general have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Raspberries and red fruits in general have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Likewise, providing these active ingredients daily through food can be a complicated task, since it would be necessary to eat a large amount of food that represented a significant caloric intake. Therefore, it is recommended that a specialist treat the case of each person individually and diagnose the necessary food supplements to cover the needs of the body and skin.

What types of wrinkles exist

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