Expert tricks to reduce bags and dark circles

The eyes are the reflection of the soul And when we’re tired, they don’t hesitate for a second to give us away. When we sleep poorly, spend many hours in front of the screen or rest little, our body manifests it in the form of bags and dark circles, which are not easy to eliminate.

Makeup can give us a hand, although they do not completely hide them and there are many cosmetics that are not used every day.they miraculously promise to make them disappear, They don’t always get it and we are left with the feeling of having wasted money for little (or no) result.

So that this does not happen to us again, we have spoken with Mar Sánchez Orduña, expert in natural cosmetics and creator of Wild Rain, to explain everything we need to know to detect, prevent and reduce bags and dark circles.

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“The area around the eyes is one of the most sensitive on our face and we must take care of it because, since it does not contain fatty tissue, it is a very sensitive skin. thinner and prone to the appearance of wrinklescrow’s feet or the dreaded bags and dark circles,” says the expert.

What are dark circles and how to identify the causes that produce them

Mar Sánchez describes dark circles as “an alteration in the color of the eye contour, caused by a excessive production of melanin and dilation of the capillaries, giving us an appearance of tiredness and sadness that is far removed from the canons of beauty”.

Regarding the main causes of dark circles, the expert indicates that “dark circles can be genetic, in this case little can be done, since the hyperpigmentation of the area is due to genetic factors inherited from our relatives. Faced with this type of dark circle is recommended drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, and exercise, in addition to taking care of the area with specific products for it. There are also dark circles caused by lack of rest, the passage of time, dehydration, excessive sun exposure, poor nutrition or even the abusive use of screens.

Dark circles can have different causes
Dark circles can have different causes

Her expert trick to be able to identify what causes dark circles and treat them correctly is to look at their color:

  • When the dark circle adopts a purple coloringIt is due to genetic factors.
  • When the dark circle acquires a brownish tone or black is due to excess sun, aging and dehydration of the area.
  • When the dark circle is bluishIt is due to circulatory problems.

What are bags and what are the causes that produce them?

“The bags usually appear when the skin in the area under the eye is weakened and, therefore, the fat that we have around it tends to move. They can also be caused by a small fluid retention in the area. This affectation makes us look tired, aged and sad,” says Sánchez Orduña.

How to combat bags and dark circles

To eliminate them, it is best to opt for eye contours that especially treat the problem we have, be it bags, yellow circles, etc. Mar Sánchez is committed to natural cosmetics: “It is about the eye contour hanna (€33.50) made with powerful active ingredients such as vitamin C, progeline, shea butter and grape oil that manage to mitigate the problems that are usually generated in the area”.

Wild Rain 'Hanna' Eye Cream
Wild Rain ‘Hanna’ Eye Cream

For the bagsThere is nothing like a good draining massage in the morning and at night. This type of massage is used to get rid of fluid retention that may be in the area under the eyes and, to do it quickly and easily, we can use a quartz ‘roller’, always accompanied by a good eye contour. You Are The Princess has taken out his Beauty Concept Roller Quartz Rose Le Fleur (€10.99), made with rose quartz and flowers on the handle.

'Beauty Concept Roller Quartz Rose Le Fleur' ​​by You Are The Princess
‘Beauty Concept Roller Quartz Rose Le Fleur’ ​​by You Are The Princess

if your dark circle is blue, brown, or sunkenwe must look for a contour that protects us from its main causes, such as light from screens. Diopticerne of Lierac (€26) is formulated with a unique cocktail of active ingredients such as arnica, vitamin C, restorative tripeptide and anti-blue light peptides, which eliminate this pigment from the skin and help prevent it.

Lierac 'Diopticerne' eye cream
Lierac ‘Diopticerne’ eye cream

As for the purple dark circlesthe best thing is a depigmenting agent that attacks them at the root and brings light to the area. K-ox Eyes by isdinceutics (€36.98), reduces the volume of bags and attenuates purple or pigmented dark circles. It causes a tightening effect, leaving the look more rested, rejuvenated and luminous. Its hyaluronic acid content provides hydration to the area and improves expression lines.

Isdinceutics 'K-ox Eyes' eye contour
Isdinceutics ‘K-ox Eyes’ eye contour

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