Everything to the ‘glitter’: how to get a perfect makeup to shine this Christmas

At this point in December, activate the mood Christmas is almost an obligation. And it is that, unless we identify more with the Christmas humor of The Grinch, one of the most special times of the year arrives. Our attention now, more than decoration or gifts, lies in finding the outfits holidays for this yearfrom the outfit that we will wear at the company dinner to the looks with which we will enter the new year.. Together with them, it is time to dust off the high-heeled shoes or that flat footwear that we reserve for special moments.

Freshly has launched a limited edition of its 'glow' oil together with Rocío Osorno.

But it is also time to check if our toiletry bag is ready for the party with treatments that leave our skin flawless and cosmetics that allow us to shine on each festive day. So… the time has come for the glitter! Even if you think that the glitter and colorful thing is not for you, there’s nothing like Christmas to give glitter a try. We do not have to resort to the most eccentric makeup to fill glow our make up Christmas, but our recommendation is that, at least, bet on one that allows you to show off an effect shimmeror, to understand us, that makes you shine.

How to include ‘glitter’ in our makeup

One of the easiest ways to opt for the glitter is through the eye shadows since, in addition to being able to choose the tone that best suits us, there is nothing extravagant. Thus, if it is your first time in this glitter makeup (or if you have already verified its benefits), have a palette of shadows on hand glow like this one from Nyx is the most advisable. The possibilities are endless and it is very easy to modulate its intensity.

This palette includes 10 shades with a lot of 'glitter'.
This palette includes 10 shades with a lot of ‘glitter’.

Another simple way to give a touch of glitter to our makeup is bet on a lipstick with a glossy finish, like Glitterholic, by Catrice. Its high pigmentation allows a voluminous and resistant finish, in which there are small shiny dots that add that effect. glow to the lips

This lipstick is available in various shades.
This lipstick is available in various shades.

If we dare with a little more brightness and we want bet on a more amazing makeup, the eyeliner can be our ally. Especially if we include one in our cosmetic bag with a glossy finish like the one from Cintigar x Krash Kosmetics. Its liquid texture and its glitter gold make it perfect for the holidays.

The most beautiful tone that a sun has made us fall in love.
The most beautiful tone that a sun has made us fall in love.

Shine also on the body

If we want to complete the looksthere is also a very natural way for our body to shine: bet on the Glow Edition Body Oil, from Freshly Cosmetics, a natural illuminator with golden sparkles perfect for the skin at these holidays. Its application is simple and does not stain. Just shake the container to homogenize the ingredients and the natural micas (those in charge of making you shine) for a uniform finish. It is advisable to spread it on damp skin with a circular massage and wait a couple of minutes before getting dressed.

The golden sparkles, also your body.
The golden sparkles, also your body.
Freshly Cosmetics

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