‘Dark roots’: finally some highlights that hardly need touch-ups (and that ‘celebrities’ have already fallen in love with)

When we want to change our look or give a different touch to our image, The wicks are what we usually resort to the most. Combining more than one color in our hair gives it much more dimension and movement, as well as bringing a large amount of luminosity to our face. However, they also have a bad part: their tedious maintenance.

Anyone who has worn highlights, whether traditional, in ‘balayage’ or ‘babylights’, knows what sacrificed that is to always look perfect, making visits to the hairdresser more recurring than we would like. In the last two years, comfort is the strongest trend and we also see this applied to hair. Within this current we find the technique ‘dark roots’.

Its name makes it clear: the ‘dark roots’ trend consists of wearing the darker root zone than the rest of the mane. This can be achieved by letting the hair grow naturally or by darkening this area with color to create more contrast.

Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne at the 'The Good Nurse' premiere at the London Film Festival

The main advantage of this style is that Allows you to space out visits to the salon, since there is not such a rush to touch up the color. The result is daring and carefree, easily adaptable to all types of women, regardless of age, hair color or style. Charo García, director of Ilitia Beauty & Scienceanalyzes three looks that demonstrate the versatility of the ‘dark roots’ technique.

‘Intense dark roots’

In her platinum stage, Hailey Baldwin obscured her roots
In her platinum stage, Hailey Baldwin obscured her roots

In her blondest days, Hailey Baldwin also darkened her roots. The model is a natural light brown color and it didn’t create the contrast with the platinum that she wanted, so for a more ‘grunge’ look, she also dyed her roots darker.

“The result provides a touch of grunge, a style that is going strong for next season, although the blonde tone manages to provide a lot of luminosity to the face, something that is always very flattering. It’s a very good idea combine this technique with a midi hair and wavessince it takes away the harshness of the look and gives it a jovial aspect and a rejuvenating effect”, he adds.

‘Blended shadow roots’

Margot Robbie ditches blonde Barbie for a more natural look
Margot Robbie ditches blonde Barbie for a more natural look

This is perhaps the most used option among women who join the ‘dark roots’. His finish is much more faded (hence its name) and there is not so much contrast between the roots and the rest of the hair, a look that Margot Robbie has recently chosen.

“This version has a much more subtle effect and the contrast between shades is also less, so it’s suitable for all types of women. It looks great on caramel, chestnut and even copper hair, because it gives them a multi-tonality that greatly enriches the whole. It is also a good option for darker hair that simply wants to gain depth in the upper area and achieve a slight gradient that remains intact even as the hair grows. It is certainly one of the styles easier maintenance when we talk about colouring”, explains the expert hairdresser in trends.

‘Coloured roots’

Billie Eilish wore the 'colored roots' like nobody else
Billie Eilish wore the ‘colored roots’ like nobody else

Billie Eilish was one of the first to surprise us with some fantasy roots in neon green. The singer has never been afraid to take risks in her image and to wear the style that she liked the most about her, where her hair also enters.

“It is the most original and daring way to wear this trend. As the singer Billie Eilish did in her day, it consists of coloring the root zone in a bold shadeusually fantasy. In this case, it is essential to make visits to the salon so that the effect remains intact. Although another option, which I highly recommend to start with, is to use ephemeral coloring on the roots to see how we feel about the change or if we are just looking for something specific. Here we are looking, again, for a strong contrast between colors, which is why pastel tones look great on cold blonde hair. For brown hair, the best are the most vibrant colors such as purple and blue,” says Charo García.

As we can see, there are different types of ‘dark roots’ so that we can choose the one we like the most, always accompanying our personality.

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