Curlers are back and this is how you can use them to enhance the volume of your hair

Trends always come back, or so say the experts and those who are not so much. Also in the field of aesthetics and hairdressing we can witness currents that, a few years ago, reigned in the streets with regard to dyes, hairstyles and haircuts. The best example is found in styles such as ‘shaggy‘ or the ‘butterfly cut’ that was so fashionable during the seventies and eighties and, now, are two of the most requested in salons and hairdressers in their different versions.

In this sense, it is not surprising that hairdressing utensils, such as the typical curlers that our grandmothers used to wear, have returned to our lives, even if it is for a different purpose. If they chose to fill their heads with this accessory to curl their hair, now the curlers are used larger, to boost volume.

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As? There are several techniques to do it and each of them depends on the type of cut you have, as well as the length of the hair and the shape you want to give it. Not in vain, they are very useful to comb properly the curtain bangs or to seal the tips marking their orientation towards a certain direction, either inside or outside.

Social networks, without going any further, are an ideal place to observe and learn all these techniques of which we are talking, since numerous ‘influencers’ have demonstrated the power that curlers have, to get a perfect hairstylein less time than you imagine.

Matilda Djerf posing for her clothing brand.
Matilda Djerf posing for her clothing brand.

Curlers to define the ends

A very subtle way to shape the hair and make it look like a hairstyle, without leaving our daily style, is to use rollers to define the ends. For this, it is enough to roll the locks one by one on the largest curlers that can be purchased and hold the final part very well with a clamp. The result will consist of polished hairwhich maintains the usual shape, but has tips slightly wavy.

Teresa Andrés, precisely, shows how to do it on TikTok and, although she confesses that “she has to improve her technique”, she opts for curlers to style her smooth hair and achieve the effect of tips in.

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The ideal way to style the layers

Paula GonuFor his part, he took advantage of a day in which he had to get ready to record himself combing his hair, thanks to the curlers. For this, the ‘influencer’ rolled the locks around the front of your headincluding the bangs and always in the same direction.

The hairstyle, of seventies air, enhanced the volume of her long layered cut and had a shape that can hardly be achieved against tools such as the iron. Although yes, if you have enough skill, you could do something similar, helping you from the dryer.

Maximum volume thanks to the curlers

Beyond the hairstyle or style that you want to achieve, what is a fact is that curlers help to have twice the volume that any uncombed hair would have. Thus, regardless of whether you have short or long hair They are a very effective tool and, above all, easy and quick to use.

Also, to lengthen the duration of the waves or the specific shape that is achieved with the curlers, we can always choose to use lacquer (trying to make it light and not weigh down the hair), as well as a blow with the dryer, if we don’t mind using a tool with heat.

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