Chenoa’s ‘vintage’ hair that was a trend in the 80s and triumphs again in 2023

This 2023 is recovering trends that, both in fashion and beauty, were protagonists decades ago. At the capillary level, beyond the nineties haircuts such as the ‘butterfly cut’ or the layers, other types of hairstyles also triumph that seem to come back to stay for a long season: that is the case of the ‘crimped hair’, or zigzag style waves They were so successful in the 80s.

Chenoa shares her looks with her Instagram followers

This hairstyle, which is normally achieved with a special iron plate known as a ‘waffle iron’ (and which you probably had in your childhood), is perfect for giving a different touch to any look and we can wear it in two different ways: combing all the mane or shaping only a few selected locks. The last to join this trend and, therefore, to confirm that this 2023 will triumph again, has been Chenoa, who He has shared a photo of himself wearing his ‘crimped hair’.

The singer has published an image through Instagram in which she appears wearing a camel-toned sweatshirt with a high round neck, black-rimmed glasses and this hairstyle we are talking about, which has attracted attention among ‘beauty lovers’.

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The ‘crimped hair’, a very ‘vintage’ very versatile hairstyle

Experts point out that this hairstyle is always a hit. Isamar Herrera, stylist at the Isamar Studio center in Madrid, recognizes that ‘crimped hair’ is suitable for both short hair and even long hair; that is why he highlights his versatility. He also acknowledges that “it is always good option to make a wild hairstyle and increasingly popular, unique and original”.

For his part, Mª Jose Llatadirector of Peluquería Llata ​​Carrera, in Cantabria, defends it as “a look that became popular in the 90s and that from time to time lives a new golden age, thanks to its originality and versatility, as well as because it helps us to show off a real long hair. “, and it seems that this 2023 is being a success.

How to get it

Getting and recreating this hairstyle at home is very simple. On the one hand, we can get this effect”using a pressing iron that gives us this shape, and always previously applying a thermal protector”, explains Llata. “We can also do it manually: during the night, select 3 cm strands and braid them so that they are tight. Apply a strong hold mousse and go to sleep. In the morning, all you have to do is undo the braids.”

Finally, if we want to create this style in all the hair and achieve a more groundbreaking and fantasy finish, “specific strands can be selected to obtain a more discreet image but, even so, very flattering, for example choosing only the frontal locks or combining it with collectedlike frizzy pigtails with polished fronts”, concludes the expert.

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