Chenoa opens the year with a new look: these are the highlights you’ll want to wear in 2023

It’s not even been two weeks since we started the year and Chenoa has already given us two stylistic moments. The first, with the trench coat that cannot be missing in our closet this winter and, the second, the essential highlights for this 2023.

Every January we always propose to change our life and this ends up materializing in a makeover that, sometimes, ends up involving the mane. Whether it’s cutting it short, adding extensions or changing colors, we love to experiment with our hair.

The famous are no strangers to this feeling and they also dare the craziest changes that we can imagine, like Bella Hadid going blonde, Jenna Ortega betting on ‘shaggy’ or Sydney Sweeney going back to her dark roots.


In the Spanish panorama it has been Chenoa who has surprised us with an unexpected change of look and, like Bella, she has gone blonde, despite being the “anti-trend” of the year, according to experts.

Chenoa premieres a change of look to the 'Emily in Paris'
Chenoa premieres a change of look to the ‘Emily in Paris’

With a look to Emily in Paristhe singer posed in front of the camera with a red beret and a black striped t-shirt and with the phrase “calm down, baby” by Lucía Be, which was on sale and is completely sold out on the store’s website.

However, we could not avoid noticing something different in Chenoa and that is that the artist has decided bet on the wicks this season and some other treatment to add shine and volume.

“Chenoa has released highlights ‘face-framing’a style that consists of lightening the front area of ​​the hair using the balayage technique, to provide maximum luminosity to the face. When we provide light, we soften the features and achieve a younger image. In this case, the color contrast is more striking than on other occasions, but the golden and warm shades of her new look integrate very well with the dark bases, so the result is very elegant and natural,” says Mª José Llata, director of Llata ​​Carrera Hairdressing.

Chenoa's golden highlights
Chenoa’s golden highlights

To achieve this, we need to rule out platinum hues and avoid turning them up too high. “This type of highlights is not worked from the root, but rather the root is left darker and the color transition is carried out in a very organic way. Thanks to this, it is a very low maintenance style“says the expert.

The singer wanted to show off this new look in the best possible way and, for this, she has helped herself with waves and a specific treatment, as Mª José Llata ​​tells us: “In the case of her hairstyle, Chenoa wears a midi length hair with loose waves and a bit of volume in the root zone. To achieve this look of healthy, full-bodied hair, I recommend applying hydration and anti-frizz treatments.”

This year, color trends revolve around more natural tones like chestnut or chocolate, because the latest in hair is a healthy and shiny mane where bleaching has no place. Although many celebrities have gone darker, others like Bella Hadid and Chenoa prefer to go against the grain.

Jenna Ortega at the Golden Globes, 2023

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