Bulk perfumes: brands that bet on the smell by weight, prices and where to buy them

The perfumes by weight are trendy. There are already many brands that offer the possibility of buying your favorite perfume in bulk, as if it were nuts.

With the increasing adoption of sustainable practices in the beauty industry, the bulk perfume It enjoys popularity, since it supposes a cheaper price and less polluting. Maybe going with the ‘tupper’ to the perfumery is not the most chic thing in the world, nor the most comfortable, but it is the friendliest with the environment: you can buy it in reusable jars or in refillable bottles.

A study shows that perfuming ourselves makes us feel better.

By purchasing refillable fragrances, companies reduce the amount of plastic and glass packaging used to packaging the perfumes and consumers reduce the amount of waste generated.

Brands that offer rechargeable products

Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani or Hermès are just some of the fragrance brands —both for men and women— that have joined the refillable perfume trend.

It’s been a while since Armani pulled out the My Way reusable bottle as part of an ambitious project, in order to analyze the entire life cycle of the product and skip a step, as we are. In this way, he contributed his grain of sand by reducing the carbon footprint and offered us the possibility of recharging it from home.

Armani My Way bottle next to a refill.
Armani My Way bottle next to a refill.

With this design, Armani allows the spray bottle to be refilled without losing a single drop of the fragrance and —according to the Armani Beauty family— with this strategy it reduces up to 45% glass, 52% plastic and 66% metal.

In this way they could buy the spare parts (in different formats), with a greater quantity of product and at a more affordable price than the original fragrance, and that they will reach your home. Something that in the coronavirus pandemic seemed like a not insignificant option.

The 30 ml perfume can be found for less than 40 euros (with a discount, the original price is higher) and the 100 ml refill for less than 70 (also with a discount), which would give you more than three times.

For his part, equivalence designs products made with natural ingredients, respectful with the environment and at very affordable prices. The brand has long offered a wide variety of fragrances and personal care products—from perfumes to deodorants—all of which are refillable.

lush: This brand of handmade products, which has captivated us with its solid products, is very respectful of the environment, is committed to reusable packaging and great customer service.

Lorenzo Villoresi

Born from handmade soaps, sold fresh and by weight, Sabon’s story It is still one of the genuine handicrafts. Even after expanding to the world, the brand has maintained its artisanal and authentic feeling and philosophy.

“Why are you going to throw away a container if you can refill it? And why buy more than what you are going to use? —they ask themselves from The Body Shop website— We did what my mother did in World War II We reused everything, we refilled everything, and we recycled everything we could.” The environmental activism of The Body Shop arose from ideas like this and they are firmly committed to the ‘come and fill’.

Mugler has more than 10,000 dispensers available in perfume shops around the world.
Mugler has more than 10,000 dispensers available in perfume shops around the world.

He refill It’s not only better for the planet, but also for your wallet, as each refill contains an additional 50ml for free. From the web they offer a map to find the nearest store and fill in the product.

For some houses, this trend is nothing new. This is the case of the perfume firm Muglerwho has been betting on him for years ‘come and fill’. He laid the foundation for a luxury that advocated responsible development, waste reduction and personalized customer service before any other firm. Nowadays, there are more than 10,000 fountains available in perfumeries spread all over the planet.

One of Mugler’s star perfumes, the 90 ml Eau de Parfum Alien is around 90 euros.

These sustainable initiatives seem to be working, according to the Mugler family: “Every 25 seconds a Mugler flask is refilled somewhere in the world. Every year 1.5 million flasks and 380 tons of glass are saved.”

Have you checked if your favorite perfume is rechargeable? Go to the nearest store and ask for the dispenser.

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