Beyond the summer, Sara Carbonero’s freckles are a makeup trend this fall-winter

If there is a viral makeup trend of the summer, it is the one of the freckles. For a couple of years, we have begun to include these little spots in our ‘make up looks’. And it is not for less, since his rejuvenating effect and its naturalness make fake freckles the most flattering summer trend. Although the hot months are over, we do not have to leave behind this technique, which also can give a ‘trendy’ touch to our autumnal looks.

Sarah Carbonero has been one of those who have not abandoned the freckles this fall. The presenter has shared a photo of her on her Instagram in which you can see her beautiful makeup: intense black eyes, bright lips and some discreet but flattering freckles.

This ‘make up’ trend joins the natural style which has been successful in recent months. An increasingly discreet make-up triumphs, with lips in shades naked and shiny and juicy skins, with foundations without much coverage that reveal the natural spots of the complexion. Freckles fit wonderfully with this type of look, giving a washed-out feeling but with a more original touch. Sara Carbonero’s makeup is the perfect example of this trend, with natural but very bright and illuminated skin.

The journalist has not been the only one who, in these weeks at the beginning of autumn, has incorporated freckles into her makeup look. She has also done it another Spanish, Penelope Cruzin his appearance on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival.

Penélope Cruz, with makeup with freckles
Penélope Cruz, with makeup with freckles
Vianney Le Caer / GTRES

Models from the L'Oreal Spring/Summer 2023 show

How to make fake but realistic freckles

If freckles do not appear naturally on our skin, there are some tricks to get fake freckles with makeup. The key to getting natural freckles is irregularity. If they are all the same size and intensity, it will be very evident that we have done them with makeup and it will lose the natural aesthetic that we are looking for.

Emma Watson showing off her freckles
Emma Watson showing off her freckles
Steven Bergman/AFF-USA.COM

To simulate freckles, you can help yourself with lipsticks or eyeliners in brown tones, better if you have several of them. different thickness to play with sizes and textures. If we only have a pencil or brush, we can always use different pressures to achieve an irregular and very natural result.

Another trick for perfect makeup with ‘fake freckles’ is group freckles irregularly. Natural freckles do not usually appear symmetrically, so to recreate them, we must take this into account. If, even following these tricks, your freckles are too intense, you can always add one last step and blend them with dabsand either with your fingers or with a brush.

The mists refresh and hydrate the body.

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