Anya Taylor-Joy, the new simple and baroque Dior muse. What do you like best?

At just 26 years old, Anya Taylor-Joy has become one of the last muses of cinema thanks to performances like Sandie’s in Last Night In Sohoalong with Matt Smith or Beth Harmon in Queen’s Gambitwhose performance has earned her several awards, including a Golden Globe for best actress in a miniseries.

Despite his impeccable taste when it comes to dressing at events, awards or premieres (thanks, in part, to his stylist Gregory Russell) have made him one of the new most influential faces in the world of fashion. Dresses such as the straight-cut yellow, halter neck and very long shawl from the 2021 Emmys or the emerald green with straps that she wore at the Golden Globes of the same year, both signed by Dior, make her deserving of such remarkable recognition.

This love of Taylor-Joy for the French ‘maison’ has become mutual and Dior has turned the actress into one of its last muses of the Christmas campaignwelcoming us to the magical world of the ‘Maison Dior’.

Like a sylph, Anya Taylor-Joy puts her face on Dior’s Christmas campaign for the first time. Faced with the target of Benoit Delhomme, she becomes a radiant hostess and invites us to enter the palace. This ‘blonde fairy’ revolves around icons of the ‘maison’ such as Miss Dior and J’adore, Rouge Dior and Sauvage, and invites a white wolf to join the party.

To celebrate the occasion, everything is decorated with the gold motif by Pietro Ruffo. Accompanied by a joyous gathering of friends from the French house marveling at seeing so many Dior gifts, it’s a Christmas dream come true in this magical setting.

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A new baroque style

What catches our attention the most is the look of Anya Taylor-Joy in the ad, with a ‘outfit’ very flattering, although different what we were used to until now. It is a straight dress in watermelon pink mesh full of sparkles, accompanied by high boots with buckles and very romantic strappy socks.

Anya Taylor-Joy for Dior
Anya Taylor-Joy for Dior

The style of the actress is taking a very baroque look, as demonstrated both in the Dior ad and in the ‘premiere’ of The Menu. Last night Anya swept the red carpet with a look from the latest spring-summer 2023 collection of the ‘maison’, which takes us back to the 18th century with a more daring and sexy touch.

The protagonist of the film appeared in a black strapless dress full of matching lace, but what amazes us the most is the fool shaped skirt that gives that air of another era to the look. She gave it the trendy touch with elbow-length gloves that matched perfectly with that baroque aura.

Anya Taylor-Joy at the premiere of 'The Menu'
Anya Taylor-Joy at the premiere of ‘The Menu’

Contrast with simplicity

However, the actress coordinate this dramatic, pompous aesthetic with a more understated style and not as extravagant as the previous one, showing us that sometimes less is more, as he did in one of the film’s promotions in New York.

For this not so glamorous occasion, Taylor-Joy decided on a black lingerie dress that contrasted with her pale skin and her blonde hair. A look that at first seems simple, but that gives it that romantic touch with ‘vampy’ lips and makes it the perfect inspiration for these holidays.

Anya Taylor-Joy at a presentation of 'The Menu' in New York
Anya Taylor-Joy at a presentation of ‘The Menu’ in New York

We love this new aesthetic that the actress is taking, adapting to new trends (and the new image of Dior, the firm of which she is the muse) but without losing her essence and style. And how do you like it best?

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