Angelina Jolie educates the little ones about “the love” of bees

Angelina Jolie smells like Mon Guerlain, the perfume of Guerlain of which he has been the image for years. But the actress not only collaborates with the perfumery and beauty brand for commercial issues. The last action of this long collaboration between Angelina and the Maison has been a visit to a French school, where she has collaborated with the UNESCO Women for Bees to raise awareness about the importance of caring for biodiversity.

The visit of the actress revolved around the organization of a session of the Bee School where the children were able to learn all about bees. The American actress accompanied Lorène Mouchet, beekeeper the first class of Guerlain x UNESCO Women for Bees in 2021, and Guerlain’s Director of Sustainability, Cécile Lochard.

Angelina Jolie has been the latest ‘celebrity’ to join the Guerlain Program for the Conservation of Bees, a network of allies united for the protection of this insect and the biodiversity conservation on a large scale. Within this program, the actress has had the opportunity to visit primary schools, explain to children the role of bees and teach them to protect these precious pollinators.

Angelina Jolie collaborates with Guerlain at the Bee School
Angelina Jolie collaborates with Guerlain at the Bee School
Ian Gavan, Courtesy of Guerlain

This Bee School session took place at the Ecole Henri Barbusse, a primary school in the French town of Clichy-sous-Bois. The children learned about the key role that bees play as pollinators for our food security and in conserving biodiversity.

Almost 6,000 children from more than ten countries have already been able to learn about the various problems facing bees and biodiversity conservation in general. The ambitions of the program are great in the coming years. By 2025, 100,000 children will have participated in a formation of the Bee School.

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