Aesthetic treatments do not work miracles: myths and some truths about cellulite, laser hair removal and localized fat

Does cellulite disappear? And the fat located? Is the price of the treatments important? Do you last forever with non-invasive procedures? dermatologists from the aesthetic and therapeutic dermatology group of the AEDV (Spanish Academy of Dermatology) answer the most common questions in this field.

Many topics circulate about the effectiveness of body procedures in cosmetic dermatology. Well indicated, personalized and combined with good habits (good nutrition and exercise, yes, we never tire of repeating it), they do work, the experts say so.

here are some myths and truthswith their respective clarifications, on the most demanded body aesthetic treatments.

There are no miracle body treatments. TRUE

Doctor Guillermo Villalón clarifies this point. “The most evident results are obtained with surgery, but aesthetic dermatology is a less invasive alternative with less risk that allows to improve to a greater or lesser degree the distribution of body fat, flaccidity or the quality of the skin; what is not “There are techniques that work the miracle. And to achieve good results, they all require perseverance: you have to carry out and combine various treatments together with food re-education and good habits so that they last in the long term”.

The price does not matter. MYTH

“All procedures have a cost. In order to diagnose an aesthetic dermatology problem and apply the best treatment, time and training are required, as well as the machines and their maintenance. It is important to look for centers with experience and professional dermatologists in which, if there is any complication, there may be a follow-up. But it must also be taken into account that it is not true that the quality of a treatment depends solely on its high cost”, explains Dr. Villalón.

With body treatments you last forever. MYTH

There are procedures that allow results to be obtained in a few sessions and others that require more, and patients who respond better and worse. If results are not obtained in a reasonable number of sessions (weeks, a few months), it is appropriate to consider another technique, in the words of Guillermo Villalón. “I also recommend doing a photographic study to verify the results, since it is easy to forget the previous state,” adds dermatologist Dr. Sara Carrasco.

Cellulite is not removed with anything. MYTH

According to dermatologist José Castiñeiras, cellulite, much more common in women, is not the same as a simple increase in fatty tissue. “In fact, there are thin women with cellulite and obese women without it. The choice of treatment depends on the type and severity, its location and the characteristics of each patient. Among the different techniques we can find mesotherapy, pressotherapy, mechanical stimulation and shock waves, carboxytherapy, ultrasound and radiofrequency; their effectiveness depends on multiple factors, requires several sessions and often a comprehensive approach combining several different procedures”.

For localized fat, the only thing that works is liposuction. MYTH.

“It is true that liposuction is the ‘star treatment’, but when it is not possible and the fat has a panniculus (layer of adipose tissue) greater than 20 mm, the second option is cryolipolysis, which freezes it and destroys the adipocyte or cells There are other techniques that achieve this: with heat, such as radiofrequency, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) and injectable lipolytic substances, although in Spain they are only approved for the double chin area.Infrared laser, mesotherapy and carboxytherapy can also help destroy fat, but it is a slower process”, explains Dr. Paloma Cornejo.

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Laser hair removal is permanent but not permanent. TRUE

Dr. Isabel del Campo clarifies that “laser hair removal delays hair growth for prolonged periods, but it does not usually produce permanent hair removal. When it grows back, it is generally finer and clearer. A large number of sessions are required for hair removal Initially and usually some maintenance. It is most effective on light skin and dark hair, but it can be effective for all skin types with the devices we have today; yes, the results vary from one person to another.” The dermatologist insists on the importance of choosing a dermatological clinic, since aesthetic centers usually use Diode lasers or pulsed light of lower power, which require a greater number of sessions. “In medical centers there are usually different types of lasers and the most appropriate one is chosen based on hair and skin, in addition to needing expert and medical hands, which is why prices can become more expensive.”

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