5 keys and home tricks to enhance the shine of your hair

Maintaining beautiful hair is often a more complicated task than we would like. Visits to the hairdresser, suitable shampoos, thermal protectors and proper brushing are just some of the many things that They should be part of our routine. if we seek to boast of an enviable mane, regardless of its cut or shape.

After dismantling myths like that cutting your ends your hair will grow more and to learn how to achieve optimal volume, it is important to know the keys to enhance hair shine, because this is the best indication that it is healthy, in addition to having a much prettier appearance. How to get it? Beyond leaving it in the hands of the professionals from time to time, it is enough to comply a series of guidelines at home which, although they are quick and simple, are also very effective.

Volume is one of the basic aspects for hair to look pretty.

“The natural shine in the hair is a sign that you are healthy. Its outer layer, the cuticle, is made up of layers of scales that, when the hair is in good condition, lie flat and smooth, allowing light to reflect off them. On the other hand, if it is damaged, these scales rise, causing the hair to adopt a dull appearance“, explains Conchi Arias, founder of Campos Curlyhair, Granada.

1. Homemade masks: from egg to avocado

Whenever we apply the mask that is on towel-dried hair.
Whenever we apply the mask that is on towel-dried hair.

It is a fact. All of us, at least once in our lives, have tried to make a homemade mask, following the advice and recipe from an Internet page. Well, although there are many hoaxes about it, there are certain ingredients that help hydrate and repair hair and maximize shine. “Some ingredients that we can find at home and that will serve as homemade masks are: coconut oil, egg yolks or avocadocrushing the pulp and adding the juice of half a lemon”, says Conchi de Campos Curlyhair.

2. A complete detox cleanse

The dull look that our consulted expert talks about is due, to a large extent, to the accumulation of residues from hair products and the minerals present in hard water. For this reason, it is convenient to do a deep cleaning with a detox shampoo from time to time that completely eliminates these substances and allows us to start from scratch.

3. Organic and natural ingredients

In relation to the previous point, it is preferable to use cosmetics and hair products made from organic and natural components. These will leave less waste in the hair, while caring for and being respectful of the hair. With its use in the medium/long term, we will return to our hair the health, vitality and brightness. Besides, “To make our hair look soft and beautiful, we must avoid damaging it; that is: use non-aggressive products, protect hair from the sun, avoid using heat tools and, in any case, previously apply a heat protector, etc. We must also seek the hair the necessary hydration and nutritionthrough specific products, such as conditioners, masks and serums”, says the owner of Campos Curlyhair, in Granada.

These are the keys to choosing a good hair dryer.

4. A circulation-stimulating brush

Far from what you might think, doing a constant and correct brushing is key to improving your appearance, as well as encourage it to grow and look brighter. This happens because, by massaging the scalp, we promote circulation in the head and make the hair grow stronger, healthier and more resistant to external agents. To do this, you can use a normal brush or a silicone one, specifically made to carry out massages.

5. Cold water, our best ally

The shampoo helps to periodically remove oil from the hair.
Rinsing with cold water enhances the shine of the hair.

Experts and professionals everywhere agree that one of the most effective tricks to make hair shiny after washing is to finish the process, rinsing it with cold water. “When we wash our hair, rinsing with colder water will also help us to seal the cuticle“, explains Conchi Arias. So even if it is complicated, especially in winter, it is worth finishing the shower with a couple of minutes under cold water to get a great hair.

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