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Do you go to your local Starbucks whenever there’s a gap in your schedule? If so, you may feel guilty about leaving your child at home. But after reading this article, that will no longer be an option. Wait – does this mean Starbucks has a kids menu?

While you might not see a kids’ menu, your little ones can enjoy plenty of drinks at your favorite café. So the next time your child has a craving for something sweet, you’ll know where to go. Now, take a look at the best kid-friendly drinks your little one will love.

Does Starbucks have a kids menu?


Now that you know your kids can be with you at Starbucks o’clock, you might be wondering how this could have escaped your notice. Has the Starbucks kids menu always existed, hidden in plain sight?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get a kids’ menu at your favorite coffee shop, as Starbucks doesn’t offer a kids’ menu.

Currently, the cafe only serves drinks for children. So you can order a short hot drink with only 8 ounces of fluid. If your kids like their drinks cold, they can get a 12 oz tall — also the smallest serving. Best of all – all Starbucks drinks can be served in those tiny cups.

Best of all, you no longer have to worry about burning your child’s tongue when drinking hot drinks. Luckily, you can now order Starbucks drinks prepared at kid’s temperature. Just ask the barista to heat your order to 130°F instead of 160°F.

Plus, you can adjust the amount of sugar in your child’s drink. For example, a tall Cinnamon Dolce Crème comes with three pumps of syrup. But if you find it’s too much, you can just ask for a pump or two.

Finally, note that at the end of the day, Starbucks is a coffee shop. As such, it primarily sells caffeinated beverages. So, don’t forget that Starbucks pick-me-ups contain about 35 mg of caffeine per medium serving. Plus, all the chocolate-based items on the Starbucks menu contain at least some caffeine.

12 Kid-Friendly Starbucks Drinks Your Kids Will Love

1. Babyccino

baby chino

Image source: Instagram

Finally, your child can enjoy some healthy treats during their coffee break. As the name suggests, Starbucks Babyccino is the perfect drink for babies and toddlers. You can order it at all Starbucks locations, even though you may not see it explicitly on the menu. In some of them, you might also get your babyccino for free.

One of the best things about this drink is that it only contains steamed frothy milk. So, in essence, a babyccino is a cappuccino without espresso. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this drink stunting your child’s growth!

Order a dry babyccino for more foam and drizzle caramel on top to make it look like a caramel macchiato.

2. Hot Chocolate


Image source: Starbucks.com

Is there anything better than some hot chocolate for your kids on a cold winter day? An 8-ounce serving of this beverage heated to 130°F will keep your child warm and full until their next meal. It will also give them enough energy to be less cranky during nap time.

That’s because a kid-sized Starbucks hot chocolate contains about 15 mg of caffeine. On top of that, it comes with two pumps of mocha sauce, made with 2 percent steamed milk. But your kids’ favorite is the whipped cream and mocha drizzle topping.

3. White hot chocolate

hot white chocolate

Image source: Starbucks.com

If you don’t allow your kids to consume any caffeine, this is the perfect caffeine-free alternative to regular hot chocolate. As you probably know, white chocolate doesn’t contain any caffeine — unlike its traditional relatives. Its distinctive flavor comes from the vanilla flavoring added to white chocolate products.

At Starbucks, your kids can enjoy a short white hot chocolate made with 2 percent steamed milk, white chocolate mocha sauce and whipped cream. The kids’ size comes with two pumps of sauce, but you can ask for less.

4. Herb steamer


Image source: Pinterest

Another kid-friendly decaf Starbucks drink combines milk and vanilla flavors. This steaming hot drink is made with 2% milk, but you can prepare it at a lower temperature suitable for children. Kid-sized cups contain two pumps of vanilla syrup, which you can also adjust.

If your kids aren’t big fans of vanilla, you can ask the barista to make a steamer with another available syrup. For example, they can add a pump or two of brown sugar or cinnamon syrup instead.

5. Iced brown sugar oat milk

oat milk

Image source: Instagram

This kid-friendly drink is a caffeine-free version of Starbucks Iced Brown Sugar Oatmeal Milkshake Espresso. Your kids will love its sweet taste and creamy texture, enjoying each refreshing icy drink. Chances are, this delicious drink will become your child’s favorite summer drink too.

A small 12-ounce cup is sufficient as it contains three pumps of brown sugar syrup. But if your child finds it too sweet, you can just order a pump or two. Plus, you can ask for cinnamon to add an even more unique twist to this caffeine-free drink.

6. Horizon Chocolate Organic Milk


Image source: Pinterest

Is grabbing a Starbucks drink one of your favorite pastimes on a sunny summer day? If so, you can order this 8-ounce carton of chocolate milk for your little one to enjoy on the go. If your child loves the hot chocolate flavor, this refrigerated drink can also be heated.

Note, though, that this drink may not be as sweet as a hot chocolate drink. That’s because it’s made with dark chocolate without any syrup. But the good news is – despite being a chocolate drink, it also doesn’t contain any caffeine.

7. Mixed Strawberry Lemonade


Image source: Starbucks.com

If your kids love fruity ice cream-like flavors, this Starbucks drink will be one of their favorites. Sweet strawberry puree will wake up your child’s taste buds, while the lemonade itself will add a little zing.

But the best thing about this fresh drink is that it’s both caffeine-free and fat-free. So it’s a delicious and healthy snack to keep your little ones full on warm summer days.

Plus, it contains only natural ingredients. There aren’t any artificial colors either, since fruit and vegetable juices are what give the lemonade its pink color.

8. Caramel Apple Spice


Image source: Pinterest

Are your kids fans of apple juice and love trying familiar flavors? If so, this hot drink will quickly become one of their favorites. An 8-pound, kid-friendly cup contains two pumps of cinnamon syrup, which adds a unique flavor to this drink.

But instead of apple cider, your kids might like a steamed peach juice mix that pairs well with cinnamon. To top it off, a drizzle of whipped cream and caramel sauce serves as a very tasty topping to this already delicious drink.

9. Vanilla Bean Cream Frappuccino


Image source: Pinterest

Adults tend to order this affogato-style drink, topped with some hot espresso. But despite its name, the Vanilla Bean Cream Frappuccino is one of the kid-friendly items on the Starbucks menu. It doesn’t contain any caffeine, but uses milk, vanilla bean and ice.

The smallest 12-ounce serving of this Frappuccino contains two pumps of vanilla bean powder, giving it an extra layer of flavor. Best of all, your child can choose one of the available syrups to further enrich the taste. For example, they can get some brown sugar, caramel, or even raspberry syrup.

10. Iced Zest Tango Tea Lemonade

tea lemonade

Image source: Pinterest

This iced drink is perfect for hot, sunny days. No Starbucks drink will whet your child’s appetite and quench their thirst like this lemonade. Plus, its bright red color will make your child fall in love with it in seconds.

You can also ask the barista for additions, and they’ll add some freeze-dried strawberries to your child’s drink. But there’s something else you’ll love about it. Unlike some of the other teas on the menu, this one doesn’t contain any caffeine. In other words, your kids won’t be more active when they leave Starbucks than when they first came in.

11. Mint Majesty


Image source: Starbucks.com

If your kids love the familiar taste of herbal teas, Mint Majesty will live up to their expectations. This decaffeinated drink is nothing more than a blend of mint and some lemon verbena to complement the main mint flavor. As it turns out, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication—at least for this tea.

In addition to the tall 12-ounce size, the drink is also available in 8-ounce cups. No matter which size you choose, don’t forget to ask the barista not to overcook it. They serve unsweetened drinks unless stated otherwise. But in the end, it will prove to be a good practice because your child will be able to add as much sugar as they see fit.

12. Lemonade


Image source: Starbucks.com

Most items on the extensive Starbucks menu may seem too extravagant for your taste. They’re known for combining the best flavored syrups, add-ons, and toppings to the point that all of the aforementioned drinks look alike. Therefore, you can easily forget what you originally ordered.

Luckily, it’s one of the classics — plain old Starbucks lemonade. This refreshing drink is completely caffeine and fat free, making it perfect for kids. It just contains lemon juice, lemon oil, water, some sugar, and lots of ice.

So Starbucks Lemonade can quench your kids’ thirst while waking up their taste buds with its unique tart taste.

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