“Women’s football is neither football nor is it feminine”: The original campaign of a shampoo brand to put an end to the ‘dandy’

All of us have ever heard that phrase that seems to have escaped from the 18th century and with which any resemblance to reality is a complete coincidence. “Women don’t know how to drive”, “don’t paint your child’s nails, otherwise they’ll become gay” or “immigrants only come here to benefit from aid” are some of the comments riddled with prejudices that many people have endure day after day

With phrases like these and irony as the common thread, Kérastase has used this new revolutionary approach against dandruff and, together with @putosmodernos, has wallpapered Madrid with five ‘cheesy’ messages that we have already heard from time to time, whether they are said in the bar, by your uncle or a co-worker.

On each poster, a phrase in bad taste is presented that, once torn off, we can read the following along with the new products in the range Symbiosis: “By ripping this poster you just deleted a cheesy comment. Unfortunately, we cannot end all the dandruff in the worldbut yes with that of your scalp”.

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The digital campaign has a social background where the main themes are: homophobia, machismo, climate denial, youth precariousness and the stigmatization of mental health, very much in line with the commitments and values ​​of the brand, with which it acquires an active commitment giving them greater visibility.

The ‘cheesy’ messages that both brands have collected are: “When is a straight pride day?”, “women’s soccer is neither soccer nor is it feminine”, “young people nowadays complain a lot and work little”, “global warming with this cold?” and “the psychologist is for crazy people”.

Of course, the campaign has drawn a lot of attention in social networkswhere we can read comments like “all my respects, my inheritance and my future children”, “Subtle… not for ‘all heads’” and “Hello, who is behind these ideas? You are the rebellious son of David Ogilvy? Or Darth’s? You are or you are the ostia, I need to have a beer with you”.

However, those who agreed with those comments have not taken it so well. “My goodness, all you need to do is support the 2030 agenda, what a fucking disappointment, all because of the pasta and good spirits”, “I didn’t know that putosmodernos had become putoswokes. Baia Baia”, are some of the opinions that can be read.

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