Why should you recover your natural brown like María Pombo?

Margot Robbie, Charlize Teron, Hailey Bieber and, now, Maria Pombo. More and more are deciding to abandon their characteristic blonde tone and bet on the chestnut. It seems that the ‘celebrities’ and ‘influencers’ want to leave behind their long hair and summer tones to welcome autumn with open arms and join the most trending color of the season.

María Pombo announced a few days ago her decision to say goodbye to her very characteristic blonde tone, a change of look that she herself broadcast on her social networks. Although at first the ‘influencer’ had doubts about her, finally she ended up in love with her new colora color that she had already worn in her adolescence and that is much closer to her natural tone.

More than an aesthetic decision, it has been a need for hair health, as he recognized in the video of his account. Maintaining the blonde tone of her hair was causing serious damage to his hair, which she suffered more and more with the constant bleaching. To try to repair the damage of eight years using highlights, María has decided to match her color with her natural brown, with a vegetable bath without ammonia.

For the choice of her new look, the ‘influencer’ explained that she had been inspired by hailey bieber. The American model began a new stage and unveiled her new hair a few days ago: a brunette with small blonde flashes that bring a lot of light to her face. For her change, María Pombo has trusted Jesús de Paula, the hairdresser through whose hands countless celebrities have already passed.

Hair damaged by highlights and bleaching

If, as is already happening to many ‘influencers’, you also miss the comfort of brown hair, there is no better time than now to take the plunge. Autumn calls for darker colors, reddish browns or with very flattering caramel undertones. The drop in temperatures invites you to leave behind the blonde, more typical of summer, and bet on a chocolate tone.

The right products for this change

For a change of look like this, it is essential to use the most appropriate products, which damage our hair as little as possible. It is important to look for moisturizing and repairing products that give life to our hair and prevent frizz and fall.

easier to maintain

Chestnut isn’t just the color of the season. It is also one of the shades easier to maintain, especially if it is close to our natural color. You will not need too many touch-ups, highlights or discolorations that further damage the hair, since there will not be an exaggerated change between the ends and the roots.

However, as with any dye, it is important to maintain aftercare. Jesús de Paula, the person in charge of María Pombo’s makeover, affirms that “the most important thing after coloring in the salon is to continue caring for your hair at home with the appropriate products that your hairdresser recommends.”

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