Very easy and last-minute makeup with which you will be a hit on Halloween night

Halloween is coming, the spookiest night of the year and, as always, You can not miss a good costume party to celebrate it in style. However, we may be preparing our look at the last moment and we don’t even have a costume, but before panic sets in, there is an essential element that will help us be the best dressed of the night: makeup.

Last minute costumes for the stragglers

Think about the best costumes for Halloween, like zombie, vampire, killer clown, witch, Catrina… What do they all have in common? A makeup that portrays the character and makes it recognizable no matter what clothes we wear.

Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in this art, since social networks like TikTok are full of dummy proof tutorials with which to impress everyone and destroy any costume party.


This is one of the most popular costumes for these parties and it hardly requires time and effort. The first thing we have to do is a normal ‘eyeliner’ and we will draw some small triangles on the lower lashes. Next, we outline the tip of the nose so that it looks very round and highlight it with a white eyeliner. for the mouth, we will lengthen the corners with a lipstick and, finally, we add blush in a circle right in the center of the cheeks.


The vampire costume is always a classic, with makeup just as iconic. However, thanks to movies and series like Twilight either The Vampire Diariesthis look has changed over the years, becoming more glamorous. If you no longer want to wear a cape and prefer to wear one of the most beautiful dresses in your closet as a costume, pay attention to this tutorial.

After having done our usual skin make-up, we began to blur a red shadow without much care around our eyes. Next we draw our favorite outline and, with a red eyelinerwe begin to draw little lines in the form of rays on the lower eyelashes.

For the lips, we outline them with a wine or burgundy tone and paint them with a lipstick of the same tone. Now, we can add various details, such as fangs with a white ‘eyeliner’ or add a bit of fake blood in the corners.


Witch makeup is one of our favorites. These women who were judged and demonized in their time were, without a doubt, people with great medicinal knowledge who endangered the ‘status quo’ of their societies.

Witches are trending, word of Sabrina Spellman.

If you want to dress up as one of them, we have the perfect tutorial. First we make a smoked in black and purplemarking the cat shape of the eye well, as if we were wearing an ‘eyeliner’ and, with an eyeliner, we draw two lines downwards in the center of the lower lashes.

For the lips, we can use a black lipstick (or an eyeliner in that color) and we extend the corners a little upwards. Next, we draw a straight line from the center of the lower lip to the end of the chin.

Finally, to give it a more mystical and chic touch, we draw a half moon looking up on the forehead and apply some rhinestones above the eyebrows.


If you want something fast, scary and cute, the skull look is what you were looking for. It’s ideal if you have no idea about makeup and you don’t like painting yourself too much, since you only need three things: a black eyeliner, a black shadow and a brush.

The first thing we do is paint some vertical stripes with eyeliner under both cheekbones and over our lips to later cross them with a long horizontal line at the height of our corners. Next, with the same eyeliner, we mark two lines on the tip of the nose.

Finally, to give it that more ghastly vibe, with a bit of black shadow and a smudge brush, we mark the upper part of the nose, from the tear duct to the upper part of the eyebrow.


Finally, we come to one of the most famous Halloween makeup: zombie. this look can get us out of a lot of troublesince we can go dressed as normal and still give everything at the costume party.

To get this makeup of the dead, we first use the concealer as a base to appear paler and with a black eyeliner, we mark both the upper and lower lash lines.

Next, we mix blue and green shadow and we apply it around the eye socket, as if they were large dark circles. We also do this under the cheekbones, in the mouth and in the nostrils. We ended up adding some fake blood and voila.

Devil manicure for Halloween

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