This is the trick confirmed by Laura Escanes to always look good in the photos

With almost two million followers on Instagram, Laura Escanes She is already considered one of the most influential young women in our country. Her profile on this social network becomes a showcase for trends, look ideas and beauty tricks. And if there is something that the Catalan controls, it is, without a doubt, posing and looking good in the photos. Just take a look at the snapshots of her…

Laura Escanes in Formigal

There are certain tricks to look good in the photos that not all of us know, unless you dedicate yourself to it. And since “every teacher has his booklet”, we wanted to find out What are Laura Escanes’ ‘tips’ to get the best result? in his Instagram posts.

Tamara Falcó, at the Harper's Bazaar photocall.

“What is your trick to always look good in the photos?”, was one of the questions we asked in the interview we did with the ‘influencer’ in Nevalia 2023, Ron Barceló’s experience in the snow. The answer? Here we have it.

We all have a good profile and a bad one, that’s how it is. Laura acknowledges having her “very studied” good profile. If you don’t have it, a good trick is to not just look in the mirror and see what your best side is, but try taking pictures and see how you look better.

If the photo is ‘selfie’, “I always try to do it from above”, Laura acknowledges. In this way, it is achieved a perspective that accentuates facial features and conceals imperfections.

Another of Laura’s tricks is give importance to the look: “For me the look is like it changes everything, it has to be from above and good light”. And it is that, definitely, the eyes are one of the hallmarks of the ‘influencer’, so highlighting that feature that you like the most about yourself will always be a success.

If it is a photo from a distance or full body, it is also essential to know your silhouette. “I don’t usually like them full-length,” Laura confesses to us. “I prefer a ¾, American flat… It’s because I’m short-legged… (laughs) I prefer from the knee up better“. This is key, if you are a tall person with slim legs, since you can always opt for the entire plane, but if not, cutting yourself at the knees or hips will make you look more flattering.

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