These are the Mercadona ampoules that have a Botox effect instantly and cost less than 3 euros

Mercadona can be proud of having one of the most valued and loved cosmetic lines From the market. Many of her releases end up selling out in a matter of days and she has viral beauty products on social media that have become a staple for many people, like the tan lip liner.

As for cosmetics, how can we forget the boom that Sisbela cream had or the serums that have been the firm’s top sellers. With a wide range of different quality products at a good price, it is not surprising that, as soon as a new one comes out with great results, It doesn’t last very long on the shelves.

Facial oil that prevents wrinkles

The same has happened with the latest ampoules that Deliplus has launched, which are applied as a spray and promise a botox effect at a price that is hard to resist. If you want the benefits of botulinum toxin but don’t feel like spending so much money or having a needle go up to your face, this is the perfect solution.

Mercadona 'Spray Flash' ampoules with Botox effect
Mercadona ‘Spray Flash’ ampoules with Botox effect

The culprits for wreaking havoc in the perfumery section at Mercadona are blisters Deliplus ‘Flash Spray’which belongs to his line of Perfect Complexionwhich also has one of the best ‘primers’ that hides the texture of the skin and pores.

Applying this product is very simple. First we must clean our face and neck well so that the blisters can penetrate better and leave a much more uniform and beautiful finish. Next, we spray the area with the spray (avoiding the eye contour) and perform a soft massage with upward movements until the product is completely absorbed.

Then we apply our moisturizing cream and we can now move on to makeup (if we want) and, after a few minutes, we will be able to notice its tightening effect. These blisters are ideal for use on special occasionsgiving us that ‘good face effect’ that we are always looking for.

The ‘Spray Flash’ ampoules from Mercadona’s Deliplus firm come in a comfortable two-unit box, with 2 ml of product in each of them, enough to cover the entire face and neck. On the other hand, they have a perfect size to take them on a trip without taking up any space in the suitcase. Its price is another of its great attractions and we can find them for only 2.50 euro.

The mists refresh and hydrate the body.

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