The journalist who knew too much

not my friend but I’ve known her for over ten years, up to fifteen I could say. Lunches, dinners, trips… everything is always circumscribed to the workplace, but it is true that there are (before more) seasons in which I spend more time with other journalists than with my own family.

It’s one of those people you feel good withYou like to be touched at your table at a work lunch, he has a sincere smile and really hugs. She seems luminous to me, I don’t want to fall into clichés but I could define her as a person vitaminAt least that’s how I imagine it.

I have seen her grow professionally, without fuss and with good lyrics. I have heard her tell countless anecdotes on trips and it’s really funny. I don’t remember a single time by his side in which I haven’t laughed. It’s probably because she’s not my friend and we only see each other in places like Paris, the Palace hotel, a luxury spa in Marbella, or any of the Michelin star restaurants you can think of… And there are no miseries. Not to be pedantic but part of our job is to go to these placesthen everyday reality puts each of us in our place.

It has always seemed to me that this would fall shortnot because of free time or mental boredom, but because of concerns, but I didn’t know (I couldn’t even imagine, even though now that I know I think: but of course) what would his other plan, his addition. And so, with the same magical simplicity that he uses to walk through life, he embarked on an easy zero project knowing that it was easy and he succeeded. Not at first, according to him. “I asked you and you gave me pumpkins”, she released the pharmacist Eduardo Senante, who accompanied her in the presentation of her cosmetic line.

Exact. A cosmetic line! A beauty journalist, who receives some 20 launches a month, between reformulations, new brands and holy grails. What’s with the bathroom shelves? crammed with jars of cream. That she patiently responds to the cosmetic doubts of her friends (who believe that we have two doctorates in cosmetology, a specialty in dermatology, a master’s degree in formulation and a piano degree apart). And that she knows that “the best cream It’s always the one they’re presenting to us.”

Paloma Sancho is beauty director at Telva magazine
Paloma Sancho is beauty director at Telva magazine

“I’m not going to say that there was nothing on the market that met my needs, of course not,” he explained. “But one day, with my children on the beach, and at a regular time, I began to spin around this project: make a cosmetic line with my experience (theoretical and practical) and accompanied by professionals that is just and necessary to take care of the skin and feel comfortable”. And he did neither more nor less.

that’s how he was born Skin Routine By Paloma Sancho, a brand that is sold in pharmacies. Made with the rigor of a pharmaceutical laboratory and with products (five: cleansing oil and gel, a day and a night serum, and a face cream) that offer among all those active ingredients that we know work because dermatologists and pharmacists tell us They have verified it over and over again: retinol, vitamin C, ferulic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

No I deepen or extend myself in talking about the brandmy objective was to tell that my partner Dove, with its name that flies, He did the same when he saw that down here he was a little short of air. Congratulations.

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