The ‘Clara Chía effect’ exists: why her haircut is the most requested in hairdressers

Clara Chia She is one of the women who arouses the most curiosity in national and international public opinion. Her courtship with Gerard Piqué, after the ex-soccer player’s breakup with Shakira, has led the young woman to be one of the most famous people, despite the fact that she continues to stay away from the spotlight.

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The athlete has not hidden their relationship. In fact, on his social networks he did not hesitate to share the first photo of him with his current partner. However, the rest of the images that we have been able to see of Chía and Piqué are the work of the ‘paparazzi’. In all these snapshots we have been able to know the style of Clara Chía and her hair evolution.

Initially, as could be seen in the first photographs that the paparazzi took of Clara and Gerard together, she had extra long wavy hair with a straight cut. However, the young woman currently sports the haircut that is most successful among ‘celebrities’ and ‘influencers’ and we can confirm that she is one of the most requested haircuts in hairdressing salons, as detailed by the experts.

Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué.
Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué.

The ‘Clara Chía effect’

Clara Chía is wearing a ‘butterfly cut’, which we could already see in the photo that Gerard Piqué published on his Instagram profile. But, What does this cut have to like it so much? “I like it a lot because it offers a lot of versatility and comfort, since it adapts to all kinds of textures and can also be worn both loose and with all kinds of updos. This makes it ideal for the months of good weather and heat,” explains Manuel Mon, director of Manuel Mon Stylists (Oviedo).

Another of the advantages of the hairstyle that wins over those who wear it is that “does not require excessive maintenancesince it has a fairly natural finish, although we do need to provide it with the necessary nutrition, hydration and protection care”. In addition, “it is a simple style but one that conveys modernity and is gaining followers thanks to the influence of social networks and the current repercussion of Clara Chía”, he points out.

Piqué, relaxed and inseparable from Clara Chía after celebrating her birthday
Piqué, relaxed and inseparable from Clara Chía after celebrating her birthday
Europe Press

This way, Clara Chía has very youthful long hair, with a parting down the center and open bangs, which frame her face and add a bit of contrast to the look. To achieve this, according to the stylist, “you have to work with light layers in the mid-lengths and ends of this type of hair, it helps us to provide movement and texture, escaping the rigidity of very long hair.” Likewise, one of the keys to the look are the highlights in warm blonde, which illuminate her hair in a very natural and flattering way.

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía, together in the last match of FC Andorra.
Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía, together in the last match of FC Andorra.

Clara has very long hair, so it is important to carry out a good care routine: “providing nutrition, hydration, and thermal and sun protection.” Finally, it is important to clean the tips periodically so that they do not look worn.

This haircut has already conquered well-known ‘celebrities’ such as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Carla Bruni either Sienna Millerand everything indicates that we will not stop seeing it in all of 2023.

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