Temperature change: how autumn affects my skin

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If your skin is sensitive and you have ever suffered from skin pathologies, you will surely have noticed the consequences of autumn on the skin and it is that, the combination of returning to routine, stress and changes in temperature, affect the balance of the dermal microbiota. However, before suffocating fabrics with textures and different products, it is important to focus on the reasons for this instability.

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How does autumn affect the skin?

Just as in summer certain skin pathologies improve thanks to high temperatures and the sun, when it goes away, they worsen in autumn and vice versa.

Why does this happen? Mainly the cause is the change of season, since the skin reduces sebum secretions and perspiration to adapt to the new temperatures.

This affects the level of hydration of the tissues, which generates dry skin, also called xerosis, which damages the natural protection barrier against external agents, causing irritation. Another consequence is that the dermis and epidermis become more vulnerable and their functions are compromised.

As a response, the skin can suffer from different pathologies, among which atopic dermatitis stands out, produced by dehydration that causes a lack of protein in the tissues and as a response to emotional reactions. Its main symptoms are swelling, itching and continuous redness of the area.

Another of the main conditions that occur in autumn is autumn acne due to stress, sudden changes in temperature or changes in habits that are very characteristic of the season.

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What ingredients help us alleviate the adverse effects on the skin?

To keep the skin in optimal condition, it is important that both people who suffer from skin pathologies and those who do not, keep their skin highly hydrated. To do this, it will not only be convenient for us to drink water, but also to add active ingredients and that repair damage to the skin barrier and promote its defensesimprove circulation and combat the effects of free radicals and inflammation.

Some of the most recommended are natural ingredients and nutriscosmetics that include active ingredients such as Nopal extract, a well-known antioxidant with important anti-inflammatory properties and antibiotic effects. Also seaweed extracts such as red algae or kelp able to balance the digestive system and improves blood flow.

Using the correct active ingredients on the skin is very important
It is normal that in autumn the skin is altered more than necessary.

In addition to this, magnesium for its recognized anti-inflammatory and calming capacities that favor detoxification together with vitamins such as K, antihaemorrhagic and capable of improving skin tone and redness.

Likewise, vitamins such as vitamin C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9 and B12, capable of providing a high antioxidant effect, stimulating tissue regeneration and enhance the skin’s defense system to protect it against external agents.

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