Seven easy tricks so that the perfume lasts all day

“Perfume is something invisible and yet, an unforgettable accessory”said Coco Chanel. Despite the fact that more than half a century has passed since her death, the designer’s words are still just as accurate. Like our clothes, our smell is our letter of introduction, speaking for us and our personality, so finding the fragrance that defines us is extremely important.

the sense of smell is closely linked to memory, making it possible for us to associate a memory or a person with a specific smell. The French, great promoters of this powerful accessory, are aware of the effect it causes on other people, so they choose their flagship fragrance before the age of 25 and never change it. This way, whenever someone smells a similar aroma, they will always think of them.

One of the main problems when wearing perfume is undoubtedly its durability. No matter how expensive it is, its wake does not last more than 6 or 8 hours, which forces us to carry a bottle everywhere or give up our personal fragrance. However, there are some Tricks to extend the olfactory life of our cologne and get it to stay on our skin a little longer.

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1. Moisturize the skin before

Not only the pH of the skin greatly influences the durability of an aroma, the cream also helps us fix the smell on our skin so that it stays with us for longer hours. The key is to choose one odorless cream or, on the contrary, one with the same aroma as our perfume.

2. Apply it to the key points

The heart is our most powerful organ and its pulsations are capable of expanding the aroma of our perfume, making it more intense. “Some areas of the body are more strategic. They are those in which the pulse beats, such as the wrists, the inside of the elbow and knee joints, under the chest, the navel, and the nape of the neck“, explains Lorenzo Villoresi, a Florentine perfumer. An extra trick is to apply Vaseline to those points before spraying so that the aroma is fixed for longer.

3. Don’t forget the hair

If you’ve ever been around someone who smokes, cooked fried food, or gone to a restaurant that served spicy food, you may have noticed that your hair absorbs each and every one of these odors. Our mane is like a sponge for aromas, so it is not such a crazy idea to apply the perfume on it. Of course, we should not abuse this trick, since the alcohol in the fragrance can dry it out. A good option can be special perfumes for hair with the same aroma.

4. Spray some on clothing

The more perfume we wear, the more intense the scent will be and the longer it will stay with us. However, the chemical composition of the fabrics can stop the entry molecules, so if we want to apply our fragrance on clothes, it better be over the shoulders.

5. Bet on the fixing molecule

There is an ingredient capable of fixing the perfume to our body, such as Iso E Super, a synthetic ingredient widely used in perfumery with a very peculiar behavior: 40% of people do not smell it, but if it is used as a fixative, the perfume intensifies. For this reason, we must choose fragrances that carry it or buy it alone and apply it together with our usual fragrance.

6. Don’t rub it

A very common mistake is to spray our perfume on the wrists and rub it afterwards, but this gesture messes up the output molecules, which are the most sensitive and eliminates them completely. If we want it to last, the best thing is what we have mentioned before, apply a little Vaseline on the wrists and apply the fragrance there.

7. The Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn trick

Rumor has it that Hubert de Givenchy sprayed the perfume he created for Audrey on a handkerchief and left it forgotten in his sewing workshop. However, the next day the entire atelier was flooded with that fragrance. This legend has become so popular that even Ines de la Fressange, one of the first French ‘it girls’, recounted that she always applied her perfume on their handkerchiefs to make the smell more intense. “I suppose it’s because I saw my grandmother do it like that,” she said in an interview.

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