Semi-permanent ‘Contouring’: Tik Tok’s viral trick to not wear makeup

Having a contoured and tanned face going to a clean face is by no means a dream within the reach of a privileged few. Rather it is the result of a viral hack that the tiktoker Abby Baffoe has shared and that more than half a million people have already recreated.

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The technique has been named “semi-permanent contouring” and it consists, neither more nor less, than to make up the face with a self-tanning product that lasts for several days on the skin.

The digital content creator has shared a video with the step by step of this technique. In it, she also reveals your trusted product to carry it out: St. Tropez bronzing mouse Self Tan Luxe.

An important fact to keep in mind because not all self-tanners for the body are suitable for applying to the face, and may cause allergic reactions or acne breakouts depending on your skin type.

Semi-permanent Contouring: the step by step

If you are new to the world of self-tanners, you should know some basics for the application of this product to be successful. exfoliate your skin previously and moisturize it to avoid dry areas on the face that generate unsightly product spots.

With the skin properly prepared, follow the step by step of the tiktoker viral for this semi-permanent ‘contouring’ that will last from 3 to 5 days:

  • Prepare your tools. A tanning mitt, a makeup sponge, and your tanning mousse. Expert advice: choose a cream or mousse that has a certain tint so you can see where you are applying the product, so you will know what the final result will be without surprises once it takes effect.
  • Apply a walnut-sized mouse pump onto the tanning mitt. This will act as a ‘paddle’ from which to remove the product with greater precision.
  • With the dry makeup sponge, take a small amount of product and begin to apply by dabbing and using soft strokes.
  • From the forehead area, move down to the cheekbone and finally apply to the jawline and neck area, just as you would with your usual stick bronzer.
  • For an even more powerful effect, contour your nose or lips to add volume and even to recreate a low-key ‘sunburnt’ look. Abby even dares to use this to slightly mark the eye socket, achieving a brown shadow that gives depth to the look.

He trick to make your semi-permanent contouring look perfect is to blend vigorously and not apply too much product for a natural shaded effect without showing patches.

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