Rhuig, the Zara perfume inspired by a gin cocktail that everyone is talking about

In addition to its collections and garments that fall in love all over the world, another of the most popular niches of Zara is the one of its fragrances. The firm has a good series of perfumes that many people claim are clones of others, many more expensive, but their collaborations with noses like Jo Malone or designers the size of Rhuigi Villaseñor.

If you don’t know him, we introduce him to you. Rhuigi Villasenor is a Filipino-American designer, creator of Rhude, a luxury ready-to-wear brand, and creative director of Bally, another Swiss fashion house that belongs to the luxury sector. Although stands out in men’s fashionVillaseñor has collaborated a couple of times with Zara, creating a men’s collection that we can all wear.

Their new collaboration, more acidic than the previous one, brings us an explosion of color with shirts, jackets and pants that have been liked so much that they have already had to hang the ‘out of stock’ sign and we don’t know when they will replace them.

Lorenzo Villoresi

However, its accessories are not far behind and the fragrance that Zara has created together with the designer with a rather peculiar aroma has caught our attention: a gin tonic.

Rhuigi perfume at Zara
Rhuigi perfume at Zara

The bottle design follows the theme of the collection, with a ‘tie-dye’ print in shades of blue, black and gold. However, the important thing is inside, with a fragrance built around a spaced Cocktail, a liqueur gin accord of grapefruit and cinnamon, ideal for the most special nights.

Its olfactory pyramid reveals notes of lavender, iris and sage on a vetiver background, which makes it perfect for both men and women at any time of the day.

If its aroma is already irresistible, its price is even more so and it is that we can find the 100 milliliters for €17.95 (0210/658) on its website and in selected stores.

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