Powder, cream or liquid blush: everything you need to know to choose between one or the other

If there is a cosmetic that grandmothers, mothers and daughters agree on, it is always blush. known for leaving a instant ‘good face’ effectits virtues go beyond that and give us a healthy appearance, intensify our natural beauty and help sculpt our features.

The color on the cheeks has always been associated with beauty, youth and health, making blush one of the oldest makeup products out there. Its origin can be found in ancient Egypt, mixing seeds, red ocher and extracts from different fruits to create a paste that was later used on the lips and cheeks.

This cosmetic was continued to be used by the Romans, since at that time it was a symbol of good health to wear bright red cheekbones. In the Middle Ages, pale faces became synonymous with beauty, so it was not until the reign of Louis IV in France that was once again so relevant.

Makeup by Pat McGrath for Schiaparelli Haute Couture SS22.

However, blush as we know it today did not appear until 1863, created in Paris by Jose-Albert Ponsin. The Frenchman converted the stick makeup used by theater actors into a compact powder and it has evolved to this day in new formats, such as liquid or cream.

Emporio Armani SS23
Emporio Armani SS23

Depending on the finish we are looking for and our skin type, we will opt for one or the other. To help us, we have talked to Gisela Bosque, ‘national makeup artist’ of Sephorawhich has revealed the keys to each of them.

powder blush

This is one of the most traditional options and, therefore, we are more used to using it, so it does not keep too many secrets. “Powder blush is the easiest to blend and the more recommended for those who suffer from enlarged pores. Of course, it is not the most durable, so it may have to be reapplied after a few hours,” explains the expert.

If we don’t know what type of skin we have, it is one of the best options, according to Bosque: “In my opinion, it is the one that works best for almost any type of skin, especially the smoothest and least irregular skin, and it can also be found in countless of tonalities” he adds. To use it, it tells us that the brush is the indicated tool, since “it allows you to control the amount of product and blend it on the cheeks”.

Nars 'Orgasm' Blush
Nars ‘Orgasm’ Blush

If you are looking for one, the tone orgasm of Nars It is one of the mythical in the history of makeup. It leaves a juicy finish on the skin despite being powdery, providing a natural color and an instantly good-looking effect. RRP: €35.

L'oreal 'Le blush'
L’oreal ‘Le blush’

Another good option is the blushes you blush by L’Oreal Paris. They are available in 9 different shades to adapt to any skin color and contain very soft micronized powders that provide a unique color to the face to enhance our beauty. RRP: €13.95.

Krash Kosmetics 'blushifyer' blush
Krash Kosmetics ‘Blow’ Blush

Blow blushes, from Krash Kosmetics they will also get out of more than one bind. They have a tone for each skin type with which to achieve a natural result, as if we had just blushed. In addition, each palette includes a hyper-pigmented matte and shimmer finish, ideal for any occasion. RRP: €14.95.

cream blush

Cream blushes are ideal if you are looking for a much juicier finish, but lastingas Gisela Bosque tells us: “The success of cream blush is its great staying power and juicy finish. Plus, it’s very easy to apply – not just on the cheeks, it works on the lips and even as a shadow.” of eyes – and gives the face a fresher and more youthful appearance”.

By having this finish, the expert recommends it for all skin types, except oily. “I also advise apply it with your fingers to control the amount of product to work with and because it will be much easier to blend. Although it also works to do it with a slightly damp sponge. In order not to err in its application, it is best to extend it to small touches on the cheek -always in ascending and circular movements or with small touches-, blurring it towards the temple”, he explains.

Ilia Multi-stick Blush
Ilia Multi-stick Blush

We all love a good all-purpose product, so chances are you already know the Multi-stick from Ilia, a blush that colors lips, cheeks and eyes in one touch. It has a perfect natural finish and, by being used for everything, it achieves an instant good-face effect, without the need to use anything else on the face. RRP: €37.

Tarte 'Sea Breezy' Blush
Tarte ‘Sea Breezy’ Blush

If you want one that is very easy to use, the Be Breezy of Tarte It is perfect, since we can apply it even with our fingers. This blush leaves a healthy glow that won’t fade and its formula visibly reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines for a fresh, rejuvenated finish. RRP: €30.99.

& Other Stories 'Everything Pink Cream Blush'
& Other Stories ‘Everything Pink Cream Blush’

the rouge cream blush by & Other Stories is a richly pigmented skincare hybrid that enhances the complexion with a healthy flush. The lightweight, long-lasting and buildable formula leaves a natural look while locking in moisture thanks to hyaluronic acid, squalane and oat oil. An essential product to carry in your bag at all times. RRP: €19.

liquid blushes

Finally, the liquid blush is one of our favorites, however, its format makes us have to be very cautious not only when applying it, but also for as long as we wear it, since if we rub a bit it can end up all over the face.

“This fluid formula is the one that blends best with the skin and the one that best allows you to combine different shades, but beware, this lightness in its texture can also make it easier for the blush to move,” the makeup artist warns us.

Regarding tips for using it, Gisela is clear: “Its application could not be simpler: place a drop on each cheek -be careful not to go too far, although it may not seem like it, liquid formulas are highly pigmented- and blend until the desired intensity is achieved. Can you help with the fingertips or use a brush of loose and soft hair or a damp sponge that increases the sensation of juiciness and hydrated skin”.

Rare Beauty 'Soft Pinch' Blush
Rare Beauty ‘Soft Pinch’ Blush

He Soft Pinch by Rare Beauty It has become one of the most viral on TikTok and it is not for less. Its hyperpigmented formula colors the entire cheek with just one drop, achieving a subtle and healthy flush. This pinch-cheek liquid blush blends seamlessly onto the complexion, giving it soft color for a natural, tailored finish that feels like a second skin. RRP: €22.99.

Perricone MD 'No Makeup Skincare Blush'
Perricone MD ‘No Makeup Skincare Blush’

Perricone MD is a reputable skincare brand, so as we might expect, their makeup line is focused on a very natural, healthy-looking finish. From this concept is born his No Makeup Skincare Blush, a liquid blush that harnesses the benefits of skincare to help nourish the face and effortlessly enhance the complexion. The blendable blush glides on evenly for a seamless, luxurious finish, adding a delicate rosy hue and a healthy-looking glow to the complexion. As a final surprise, it is enriched with vitamin C ester, for a more luminous appearance. RRP: €37.45.

XX Revolution 'Blush Tint' Blush
XX Revolution ‘Blush Tint’ Blush

Among the lightest is the blush Blush Tint by XX Revolution. With a serum-like formula that delivers natural color, this liquid blush is formulated with a trio of Clementine, Ginger, and Cinnamon essential oils to plump and plump skin. RRP: €10.

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