Manual of the basic makeup brushes you have at home (and you may misuse!)

Raise your hand whoever has some brush in the toiletry bag of which you do not know its use. Although most of us bet on makeup on a daily basis, either to cover the features of routine fatigue with concealer and highlighter or choosing more covering and elaborate proposals, there are aspects of the universe make up that escape us, especially, as we mentioned, if we talk about the brushes. Yes, we know how to differentiate the lip liner from the eyebrow brush to achieve natural and well-defined eyebrowsbut if we talk about skunks and bevels, the catastrophe is served!

Brushes must be protected to prevent them from getting dirty.

As one might think, each brush has a specific use: not all of them adapt equally to the different areas of the face. nor, much less, do they perform the same depending on the type of cosmetic. It’s not the same to apply a cream foundation than a powder one, right? Therefore, the time has come to learn something new and differentiate the use of each brush, as it is one of the keys to achieve the exact strokes that we want, either defined or blurred. Ready?

What is each brush for?

Although many may be surprised, the eyes are the first part of the face that we should put on makeup, because in this way we will avoid that the residual powder of the shadows spoils the base. As we mentioned, getting a good result is also a matter of practice and quality cosmetics, of using the right brushes: the outline (flat but compact), like the one from Sephora Collection; he beveled for depth with shadows (flat and straight cut), like the one from Make Up Forever; the cat tongue to blur (round tip), type of Rare Beauty; and the eyeliner to achieve a eyeliner perfect. Do not leave aside the specific brushes for eyebrows: the goupillon (looks the same as the mascara brush) and the stuffed (same as the bevel, but smaller and finite).

From left to right: contour, bevel, cat's tongue, eyeliner, 'goupillon' and brow filler.
From left to right: contour, bevel, cat’s tongue, eyeliner, ‘goupillon’ and brow filler.
Canva/Courtesy of Sephora.

And now that we have the eyes ready, it’s time to focus on base to achieve a natural, covering and juicy result. To do this, you have to use the cat tongue (for fluid or cream products), such as the Sephora Collection; then use the one of contouring and, finally, the blush brush, of the type skunk, but with longer hair and an open structure to highlight the area of ​​the cheekbones. He illuminator, or with your finger to control the amount or with an exclusive brush that, under no circumstances, will we use for anything else. And, finally, all that remains is to use the fan to eliminate the surplus.

From left to right: cat's tongue, 'conturing', skunk, highlighter brush and fan.  Courtesy of Sephora.
From left to right: cat’s tongue, ‘conturing’, skunk, highlighter brush and fan. Courtesy of Sephora.
Canva/Courtesy of Sephora.

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