Kim Kardashian signs up for the most daring and current haircut (and becomes the clone of Megan Fox)

In the last year, Kim Kardashian has undergone several transformations with which she has completely changed. It all started at the 2022 MET gala, where the ‘influencer’ lost seven kg in record time to be able to get into Marilyn Monroe’s dress and, since then, both she and the rest of her family have not stopped losing weight.

With bodies far removed from those ‘curvy’ with which they rose to fame, now they have surrendered to the aesthetics of two thousand both in fashion and in physical appearance. One of the great muses at the end of the decade was Megan Fox, who conquered everyone with her blue eyes and brown hair in movies like Jennifer’s Body, transformers either I want to be super famous.

After years of disappearing with minor projects and few public appearances, the actress has begun to gain a lot of popularity on red carpets and it seems that she has become everything. a model to follow for Kim Kardashians.

Penelope Cruz at the Goya gala

The ‘influencer’ together with her stylist (Dani Levi) have decided to bet on a new image to leave her Balenciaga stage (and therefore, Kanye West) behind, with more personal looks while experimenting with her style and, for all this , has been inspired by Megan Fox.

In one of her latest Instagram posts we see Kim with a new, more daring and current haircut, with a very light curtain bangs and layers throughout the mane. As soon as we saw her, we couldn’t help noticing that with this look she looks a lot like Fox.

“Kim Kardashian has given her XXL hair a twist thanks to her new curtain-style bangs, parted in the center and parted naturally, just below the eyebrows. In addition, the contours of the face are paraded to provide texture to the look. In this case, it is a wise move to accompany her long hair with bangs, to bring freshness and contrast to the hair, since otherwise it could look too sober and linear”, explains Mª José Llata, director of Peluquería Llata ​​Carrera.

“The curtain bangs flatters most women, because it helps to emphasize the look and elevates the features, at the same time that it brings harmony to the face. For example, it can help us to soften very angular faces or to balance the elongated ones. In round faces I recommend lengthening the side locks below the cheekbones, to stylize the features. It works perfectly on oval faces,” adds the expert.

It is one of the freshest proposals for start springwith a renewed and very flattering look, especially for lovers of long hair who want a powerful change without subtracting centimeters.

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