Jennifer Lopez bets on the ‘butterfly cut’, the layered haircut that suits all faces

Starting a new year symbolizes starting from scratch in some aspects. We set ourselves the goal of trying to fulfill all the new purposes (although we don’t always succeed) and getting the best version of ourselves. For the latter, many of us resort to a change of look, which gives us new airs and with which we feel comfortable and good; and for this very reason haircuts are so in demand on these dates.

Zendaya dares with a new look change

There are many ‘celebrities’ and ‘influencers’ who have changed their look this 2022, such as Scarlett Johansson, Paula Echevarria either Aitana Ocana (after her breakup with Miguel Bernardeau). However, in this list of well-known names, the diva from the Bronx, Jennifer Lopezthat has decided to say goodbye to 2022 with a new haircut which, without a doubt, inspires us for 2023 because it is comfortable and favors all types of faces: the ‘butterfly cut’ (or ‘butterfly cut’, so we understand each other).

Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet

The singer has shown this haircut in a video posted on the Instagram account of the next film that is going to be released, Shotgun Wedding, where he talks about the feature film as well as everything that has to do with the “romance” of the plot, the “wedding” and even “the hairspray used as a weapon” (whoever has not thought about it, lies ). In it he appears together with the co-star of the ‘film’, Josh Duhamel.

As we can see in the video, Jennifer Lopez sports a layered bob cut that appears styled with subtle waves. This is the ‘butterfly cut’, which basically consists of cut hair with shorter layers on top of hair and others longer in the back. In this way, it is possible to provide a lot of movement. For example, J.Lo wears shorter caps at shoulder height, so he simulates short hair but it really isn’t.

It is an ideal change of look for those who seek to ‘refresh’ their image but do not want to risk too much, since, as we explained before, it is a cut that flatters all faces. As he explains Monica Duke, Director of Salón Seensay in Santander: “Above all, the cut is ideal for hair that frames square or long faces, as it harmonizes the proportions of the features. For round and square faces, it is better starting from the jaw. Triangular ones starting from the middle area of ​​the face”; and it is also especially recommended for people with fine hair who want to get volume.

Another advantage of this look that stands out is that hardly needs maintenance, since being cut in layers, the shape is maintained in a simple way. However, it will be necessary to visit the hairdresser as long as we want to give volume and movement to the hair. Finally, it should be noted that combing this type of cut is very simple. As Mónica Duque explains, “in addition to any up-do, the way you style it should enhance its freshness. The parting in the middle and the bangs to the sides with marked ends, plus a textured finish that highlights the ease, is what makes it one of the most stylish cuts”.

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