How to prevent makeup brushes from becoming contaminated in the travel bag (and causing pimples!)

We insist on ignoring the recommendations of those who know the most about facial care, but also we complain when pimples appear everywhere for no apparent reason. There is no hormonal change, nor a peak of stress and we are not neglecting our diet either. Not to mention our routine beauty: wash your face a couple of times a day with the 99.9% natural gel that has won the hearts of half of Spain, serums and creams suitable for our skin type, manual and chemical exfoliations from time to time, use the knowledge of multimasking… So what happens?

Redness is the first symptom of rosacea.

Often, it is a hygiene problem that has little to do with our facial routine; For example, how do you transport your makeup brushes? Yes, we have become more and more aware of the importance of washing often this basic of our toiletry bag that comes into contact with our skin practically every day. And that is phenomenal! But not enough. When we pack, we often throw brushes into the travel bag along with other cosmetics without taking into account that this it can contaminate its bristles and, therefore, also our face, causing unexpected pimples and eruptions. But, the worst thing is not that the appearance of our skin gets worse, but that its health does; more, when the solution is within our reach and for just under 14 euro.

This cover protects the brushes from dirt.
This cover protects the brushes from dirt.

When we travel, this toiletry bag is perfect for transporting our makeup brushes and that these are protected from external dirt, something that can cause problems for our skin. In addition, by carrying them in it we also prevent them from staining the toiletry bag or other cosmetics. If we are one of those who have, as it should be, a brush for each product, they all have a place in this product that Allows you to transport between two large ones or between five and eight smaller ones. It is also available in four different colors so that we can choose the shade that we like the most, although we must not forget that depending on the shade, the price of the product can vary up to 30 euros, as is the case with bottle green.

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