How to get the long-awaited makeup with freckles that made Penelope Cruz a success

the fashion of make up fake freckles already conquered a few months ago the Generation Z, which has spread this ‘make up’ trend through social networks. Hundreds of tutorials on how to achieve them naturally flood YouTube, TikTok and Instagram and it is that they have the ability to subtract age due to their childish and naïve nature. Now, this detail on the skin has reached the red carpetsconquering actresses of all ages.

The last to join the ‘trend’ has been Penelope Cruzwho triumphed in the Goya Awards with an outstanding makeup that accompanied a Goya-inspired dress, in black, signed by the Italians Dolce and Gabbana. Many details made the look of the actress stand out from the rest, but without a doubt one of them was the innocent touch of freckles that dotted the area of ​​the nose and cheekbones.

Penelope Cruz in a Goyaesque dress by Dolce&Gabanna
Penelope Cruz in a Goyaesque dress by Dolce&Gabanna
Juan Naharro

In the case of Penelope Cruz, she already has Natural way some freckles that dot the area of ​​the nose and cheeks, so he only had to add a few touches of a brown eyeliner, with a cold undertone, to subtly highlight these little spots above foundation and blush. If we don’t have this attribute naturally, but we want to give our makeup a youthful and different touch, the Mexican ‘beauty blogger’ @evemarcs has given us three techniques different to make them in our own home.

With brush and bronzer

This technique is perfect for getting fine and natural freckles and, to do it, you only need a couple of makeup products that you probably already have at home. First, take one big brush, which is usually used for powders. Next, you have to bathe her well with bronzing powder or ‘contouring’, any dark brown powder will do. To get the most natural freckles, then you have to spray the brush with a little bit of water and give soft blows with it on your cheeks. don’t forget about paint the nose too for a super natural result.

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with eye pencil

The easiest and fastest way to get freckles like Penelope’s is to use brown eyeliners. To make your freckles look as natural as possible, make dots with two different ‘eyeliners’: one of them marker pen and another of pencil. Thus, some freckles will be larger than others, achieving a result very similar to what this trait would give you naturally.

With coffee and a toothbrush

This last technique is somewhat stranger, but ensures a result of ten. The beauty blogger shares this idea on her tiktok, her favorite way of including freckles in her makeup. First, you will have to mix in a container coffee with a little water. Once it is well mixed into a paste, we will dip a old toothbrush and we will splash it on the face, dusting it with the help of our fingers. So that these freckles do not disappear with sweat or rubbing, you can seal them with a little powder.

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