How to clean your makeup brushes? This is the step by step

Going to sleep without removing make-up is not a healthy practice for the skin. It’s nothing new, right? It is a concept that we have already assumed and without which we cannot go to sleep. Something indisputable like washing your face when you get up or rinsing your toothbrush well.

We have finally managed to memorize the steps of the morning facial care ritual (not the Korean one, that is another story); we have included reusable discs in our routine; even, we have reluctantly accepted that sunscreen is not only used in summer. So why do we almost never remember the brush hygiene?

Clean your makeup utensils for easy correct hygiene.

Cleaning the brushes well is essential for them to last longer and, also, for the finish of the product to look better on the skin. However, the rush in our day to day makes us neglect the hygiene of these utensils.

If we want the daily skin care routine be effective, this does not end in the products we use, but also in the care and disinfection of the utensils we use to apply them. Otherwise, your makeup brushes become a hive of bacteria and germs that can cause infections, the clogging of the pores by accumulated dirt and acne breakouts.

Woman putting on makeup after shower.
Woman putting on makeup after shower.
Kevin Laminto / Unsplash

From L’Oréal they give us the steps that we must carry out for the care and disinfection of brushesas well as the correct maintenance of the same, to prolong its useful life and, incidentally, save a little money.

How do we start? With warm water and a specific liquid soap or as neutral as possible.

Regarding the olive oil trick, L’Oréal recommends putting the brushes in the hands of a makeup remover oil, especially those intended for bases and concealers. She rubs her hair gently undoing her makeup. It is then rinsed off with soap and water.

And the Fairy trick to clean the brushes?

The Fairy trick is practical if it is about synthetic hair brushes: “In fact, it is a fairly fast and effective method -they maintain from L’Oréal- but if they are made of natural fiber, much better than not since they are more delicate (and much more expensive)”.

To disinfect lip brushes, eyeliner or eyebrows, it is highly recommended to soak a reusable disk with a splash of alcohol “of a lifetime” to avoid infections such as herpes or conjunctivitis.

Step by Step

1. Take your brush and soak the hair in warm/hot water.

2. Next, place a small amount of neutral pH shampoo or soap in the palm of your hand and rub your brush against it, making gentle circular movements and rinse with water.

3. Finally, remove the excess water with paper and let it dry flat (so that the water does not seep into the handle) on a flat surface. Better if you place them on the edge of a table or hang upside down so that they do not deform when they dry.

4. When storing them, better in a makeup case. Do not store them while they are wet and much better if they air dry.

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How often should makeup brushes be cleaned?

Tricks to clean brushes.
Tricks to clean brushes.
Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Experts in natural and biodegradable products, Home Healthy Home, recommend cleaning once a week: “Keep in mind that brushes used for liquid products and makeup sponges should be cleaned more frequently, as they accumulate impurities faster than brushes used with dry powder”.

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